Diapers made in USA

Which baby diapers are made in the USA?

The diaper market is overflowing with new products. There are more biodegradable diapers, non-toxic diapers and organic diapers than ever before, and this is great news for our babies. While parents and carers are becoming more aware of the toxins lurking in our baby diapers, do we ever think about where our baby’s diapers are made?

More of us want to buy products made in the USA, partly for environmental reasons, and partly to support American business. 

So which baby brands make their diapers right here in the US? While most disposable diapers on the market are made in China, some brands make a conscious effort to use as many materials sourced in the US as possible, and manufacture their diapers right here too.

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Where are honest diapers made? 

When it comes to where Honest’s diapers are manufactured, things aren’t clear. The brand tells us that many of its products are made in China. It might seem like their diapers are included in this, but, in fact, they’re not; their diapers are made in a facility in Mexico.

Their wipes and diaper caddies are made in China, with the brand saying that their team are ‘very hands-on’ to make sure the manufacturing process adheres to the brand’s standards. For example, Honest says they ensure top quality materials are sourced close to the factories themselves to reduce the need for transport.

The brand also says they recycle all scraps and waste materials.

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Where are Hello Bello diapers made?

Hello Bello diapers are currently made in the USA. And that’s not all…

The brand tells us that their machines use up to 50% less energy and their facility is powered by 100% renewable energy – pretty impressive eco-credentials!

They also explain how they divert more than 80% of waste from landfill.

You can even tour the factory! It’s an interesting idea for a day out, for sure.

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Where are Rascal and Friends diapers made?

Rascal + Friends diapers were designed in New Zealand. They use materials sourced from around the world, and the manufacturing process takes place in China. The brand says they make their diapers in China to make them affordable and accessible.

screenshot of where rascal and friends diapers are made
from www.rascalandfriends.com

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Where are Coterie diapers made? 

Coterie’s luxury diapers are made in Canada, using materials sourced from Japan, Israel, Finland and the US. The brand says that it chose its manufacturing facility because of its best-in-class facilities.

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Where are Pampers diapers manufactured? 

Unsurprisingly, Pampers diapers are made all over the world. In fact, they have nearly 30 manufacturing facilities in 25 countries across the globe. 

Most Pampers diapers available in the USA are made in the USA, but some are made in Mexico. 

Where are Huggies diapers manufactured? 

Huggies diapers are produced here in the US. Manufactured by Kimberly-Clark, which also makes Kirkland diapers, they’re one of the biggest brands not just in the US, but around the world.

Where are Dyper diapers made?

Dyper diapers are made in China.

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Where are Kirkland diapers made?

Kirkland diapers are made right here in the USA. Kirkland diapers – or Costco diapers, as they’re otherwise known – are made by the same company that makes Huggies diapers: Kimberly Clark. 

There’s not much information available about the manufacturing process other than the location.

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Are Seventh Generation diapers made in the USA?

Seventh Generation diapers, like Kirkland diapers, are made in the US. The brand tells us that it chose the US to minimize its carbon footprint. They do say, though, that some of their other products are made in Europe, Canada and Mexico. And some of their wipes are made in China.

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Where are Luvs made?

Like Pampers, Luvs diapers are manufactured by Procter and Gamble. They’re made here in the US.

Who manufactures Walmart diapers?

Walmart’s own diapers – Parent’s Choice – are made by a manufacturer called Perrigo Nutritionals, who also make Target’s Up & Up diapers. They’re made here in the USA.

Where are baby diapers made Table

(in alphabetical order)

Below you’ll find (nearly) all of the diaper brands available in the US, and where those diapers are made.

I did an extensive research before publishing this article, but if there are any inaccuracies present, please let me know; I’m more than happy to amend any errors.

Baby Diaper BrandWhere are they made?
Abby and FinnMexico
Andy PandyChina
Bambo NatureDenmark
Earth and EdenUS
Eco BoomChina
Eco by NatyTurkey
Eco PeaChina
Happy Little CamperEurope
HealthybabyCzech Republic
Hello BelloUS
Made OfMexico
Mama BearUS
Millie MoonChina
PampersUS and Mexico
Parent’s ChoiceSweden
Rascal and FriendsChina
Seventh GenerationUS
Thrive MarketMexico
Up and UpUS
365 by WholefoodsUS

    The diaper market is overflowing with new products, which is great news for parents and little ones alike. But where are all these diapers being made? Is it in the US, or around the world?

    The further your diapers have to travel, the more energy is used. So it’s no wonder many parents and carers prefer to buy diapers made in the US. And not just for environmental reasons, but for economic reasons too.

    So which baby brands make their diapers right here in the US? 

    Some of the biggest brands, like Kirkland, Pampers and Up & Up are made right here in the US. That’s great, but we’ve got to look at more than where a diaper is made. It’s just as important – if not more important – to look at what’s inside a diaper. 

    Pampers diapers might be effective, but they’re packed with toxins that are potentially harmful for our little ones’ sensitive skin. Plus, most Pampers varieties don’t boast any eco-friendly materials or features, like some more forward-thinking brands do. And it’s not just Pampers who are guilty of this. Many of the US-made brands contain toxins, including Kirkland and Up & Up.

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    It’s interesting that some of the most eco-friendly and skin safe brands, including Eco Pea, Ecoriginals and Dyper, are made in China. These diapers aren’t just free of harsh chemicals like fragrances and chlorine – they’re made with a high percentage of plant-based materials too.

    So are there any skin-healthy or eco-friendly brands made in the USA?

    Hello Bello, Seventh Generation and Mama Bear (Gentle Touch) diapers are amongst the list of non-toxic brands made right in the USA. 

    Hello Bello is one of my favorite non-toxic brands, steering clear of nasty chemicals and providing skin-safe products for our little ones. They’re not biodegradable, like Ecoriginals, Dyper and Eco Pea, but they’re made with some plant-based materials. The fact that they’re made here in the US is the cherry on top!

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