Best Diaper Bags For Twins In 2022, Reviewed

With so many diaper bags available on the market, choosing the right one for you can be a bit of a minefield. A great quality diaper bag is crucial to living your best parent life, especially if you’re expecting two bundles of joy, and not just one. If you’re having or have recently had twins, you’re gonna need something suitable for plenty of baby kit. 

But choosing the right diaper bag for twins is actually super easy, with so many amazing choices available that’ll help you to organise not just one little life, but two. So what should you be looking for when purchasing a twin diaper bag, and what are the best options?

Our 10 Best Diaper Bags for Twins

2. Best For Budget
HaloVa Diaper Backpack

3. Best For Fashionable Moms
Canvas Diaper Bag

4. Extra Large Diaper Bag
HAFMALL Travel/Diaper Bag

5. Best Backpack Style  
Heartbeat Diaper Bag Backpack

7. Best Convertible
Large Diaper Bag

8. Best Luxury Diaper Bag
Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag

9. Best Dads Messenger Diaper Bag
Columbia Outfitter Messenger Bag

10. Best Double Stroller Diaper Bag For Twins
Skip Hop Diaper Bag

Types of Diaper Bags

Now that there’s so many diaper bags to choose from, the first thing to consider is what type of diaper bag do you need for your twins? Of course, it must have plenty of space, but what about how you’re going to carry it? In terms of the types of diaper bags on the market, they can generally be split into categories:

  • Tote bags

Tote bags can either be carried by hand or on the shoulder and look like regular shopper bags.

  • Messenger bags

Messenger bags are usually slightly wider and can be carried on one shoulder.

  • Handbags

Some diaper bags look exactly like handbags, which are often stylish, but consider how you’re going to carry your diaper bag when it’s full of your twins’ essentials.

  • Backpack

A backpack-style diaper bag is a super popular choice, because it’s so easy to carry, and weight is distributed evenly. 

  • A multi-functional bag

Many diaper bags can be carried in a variety of ways: by hand, on one shoulder, on both shoulders or hung on the stroller. It’s worth finding one that is versatile, so you’re not putting unnecessary strain on your body. You’ve already got two little ones to do that for you!

What to look for in a twin diaper bag

When you’re looking to buy a diaper bag for twins, it’s important to take the following into account. Getting the right diaper bag for you and your little ones will make any outing easy!* 


  • Size and space

The last thing you want when out and about is to realize with a sense of impending doom that you could only fit 2 diapers into your diaper bag, both twins have had major poop explosions, and you’re still planning on being out for another 5 hours. Some diaper bags are super stylish, but offer little in the way of space for the essentials. Luckily, there are so many fashionable, practical diaper bags with plenty of room in there for stacks of nappies, bottles, creams and clothes, so you can enjoy a long day out without the worry. 

Diaper bags will often have specific spaces and compartments for the essentials, and some might even come with a built-in changing mat, so you really can’t go wrong. Ultimately, more than one baby means you’re gonna need space for more than one set of essentials, so make sure it’s big enough for your needs!

  • Lightweight

While you need plenty of space for all of those diapers, bottles and toys, you don’t wanna feel like you’re taking the whole house with you on every outing. With a heavy, bulky diaper bag, that’s unfortunately the way it’ll be! 

Ideally, you need plenty of room, but in a bag that’s lightweight for its size. You’ll have plenty of weight to carry around with the two little ones on your arms – you definitely don’t need the extra!

  • Spill-proof

If you go a whole 3 years without spilling any form of water, juice, dribble, vomit or pee (it’s happened to all of us) on your diaper bag, please share your secrets… It’s gonna happen, so you want a diaper bag that’s easily wiped and cleaned. There’s no point having a super fancy, designer diaper bag if it’s gonna get covered in juice within a week, with no hope of salvaging it. Many diaper bags are washable and pretty easy to clean when it comes to spills.

  • Pockets and compartments

There’s nothing worse than needing a diaper – pretty urgently, I might add – and realising they’re at the bottom of a very large bag, under a few pounds of bottles, clothes and toys. Finding a diaper bag with plenty of compartments and pockets for easy access to everything your twins need is really important. Diaper bags will often have specific spaces for bottles, diapers and other essentials. A wet pouch is also super useful for used bibs, clothes and diapers, so get a bag with this feature if you can.

  • Easy to carry

A fancy handbag-esque diaper bag might look nice, but you don’t want to have to hold half a pack of diapers, a few bottles and the rest of the twins’ essentials all day, along with shopping and, potentially, both the twins. Make sure the diaper bag at least has a sturdy, thick shoulder strap. Some diaper bags even convert into backpacks.

  • Stroller attachment

Being able to attach your diaper bag to your stroller is gonna be an absolute savior for your muscles. Many diaper bags come with attachments that make it easy to hang the bag on your stroller, giving your arms a well deserved break! Until both of the twins demand to be held… 

  • A design you like

While the first few points are the most important when looking for the right diaper bag for your twins, you’re gonna use this bag a lot (every day, pretty much), so it’s handy if you actually like it! There are so many designs and colors to choose from now that it shouldn’t be too tricky to find a bag that you like the look of, and that also ticks all of the boxes above!

Best Diaper Bags for Twins, Reviewed

1.Best All Around — RUVALINO Diaper Backpack

For an amazing all around diaper bag that’ll keep everything you need for your twins safe in style, this Ruvalino Multifunction Travel is the perfect choice. Not only does it look slick and stylish, in a choice of colored fabric (gray, army green, black, dark gray, floral,navy blue or denim blue), but it’s very practical. At 1.78 lbs, it’s sturdy, but not too heavy. Its two bigger compartments and 16 pockets mean there’s plenty of room for all of the little ones’ essentials, and more. It even features a changing pad and insulated bottle pockets, to keep your babies’ food warm.

Not only does it have plenty of room for your little ones’ items, but it has a padded laptop pocket inside and a compartment for your keys and wallet, to make parent life that bit easier!

There are loads of carrying options; hold it by the grab handles, carry it on your shoulders with the thick padded straps, or attach it to your stroller. 

And there’s no need to worry about juice accidents. The Ruvalino diaper bag is made of waterproof fabric that’s durable and lightweight and with a unisex design, it’s great for both moms and dads.

And with an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars in over a whopping 3,300 reviews, it’s been tried and tested by parents and carers. Reviewers love how much room there is in the Ruvalino diaper bag, without it being bulky, and its value for money. At around 40 dollars, it’s a fantastic price.

The GoodThe Bad
◆  Lightweight, but durable
◆  Made from waterproof fabric for easy cleaning
◆  Plenty of room for all of your twins’ essentials
◆  Has two large compartments and 16 pockets
◆  Features a padded laptop pocket and space for your keys and wallet
◆  Extra wide opening
◆  Can carry by hand or on the shoulders
◆  Attaches to the stroller
◆  Unisex, stylish design
◆  Tried, tested and loved
◆  Good value for money
◆  Comes in a range of colors and designs
◆  It doesn’t seem to have a pocket for wet clothes or diapers

The bottom line

For a great all-around diaper bag with plenty of room for your twins’ essentials and various carry options, this Ruvalino bag ticks all the boxes. It’s perfect for both moms and dads, is good value for money, and will make going out with both of your little ones a doddle. 

2. Best for Budget — HaloVa Diaper Backpack

Looking for a diaper bag with designer looks at a value price? This super fancy HaloVa Diaper Bag is a fab, great-value-for-money choice. With loads of space inside for everything your little ones need and plenty of pockets for easy access, this durable diaper bag is a great pick if you have twins. It features specific spaces for bottles, which have aluminium foil pockets to keep them warm, as well as a handy separate pocket for wet clothes and diapers. As we know, several outfit changes in the space of a few hours is not uncommon, especially with two babies!

The bag is made from high quality oxford fabric, which is durable and waterproof. In terms of carrying options, it can be held by the grab handles, or carried on shoulders with sturdy straps. And its stylish design is available in loads of colors: sky blue, black, dark blue, gray, linen, orange, purple, red, heather gray, gray and pink and leather brown. 

The company is so confident in its diaper bag that they offer a full refund within 90 days of purchase if you’re not satisfied, and a replacement within 3 years if you need one. In terms of reviews, it averages 4.5 out of 5 in over 6,300 reviews and at around 25-30 dollars (depending on your chosen design), the bag really is fantastic value.

The GoodThe Bad
◆  Large capacity
◆  Plenty of pockets
◆  Waterproof fabric
◆  High density Oxford fabric for durability
◆  Separate compartment for bottles that keeps them warm
◆  Get a refund within 90 days if you’re not happy
◆  And a replacement within 3 years if you need one
◆  It’s available in loads of colors
◆  Can be carried by hand or on the shoulders
◆  Great value for money
◆  Great reviews
◆  There doesn’t seem to be a separate compartment for wet clothes or diapers

The bottom line

A great combination of style and substance at a fantastic budget price, this HaloVa diaper backpack is the perfect choice for those looking for a good-looking, great value diaper bag. With loads of designs to choose from, the only problem is, you’ll want them all!

3. Best for Fashionable Moms — Canvas Diaper Bag

For a diaper bag that doesn’t look much like a diaper bag at all, this Truemate Canvas diaper bag has got you covered! With the look of a handbag, but the functionality of a diaper bag, fashionable moms will love this choice. 

Made with 100% cotton canvas and artificial leather, its cream and tan design means its stylish for both moms and dads. It has plenty of room for all of your twins’ essentials and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for with a wide opening. The bag features multiple pockets – 12 to be exact – to make organizing your twins’ diapers, bottles and clothes super simple.

And while it might look like just a handbag, it can actually be carried in 3 different ways: by hand, as a cross body diaper bag or on both shoulders. Plus, it comes with a large changing mat, so you don’t need to worry about packing one of those!

Again, this company is so confident in their design that they offer a 120-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. So you can rest assured that, if you have any problems with your purchase, customer service will be there to help. 

It doesn’t have quite as many reviews as some other brands, but with an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars, it’s not doing too badly at all!

The GoodThe Bad
◆  Unisex design
◆  Can be carried in 3 ways
◆  Has space for bottles
◆  Has lots of pockets for your twins’ essentials
◆  Large capacity
◆  Good reviews
◆  Very stylish design
◆  Looks like a regular handbag
◆  Made from quality materials
◆  Comes with a money back guarantee and lifetime warranty
◆  It doesn’t seem to have a stroller attachment
◆  It doesn’t have a separate compartment for wet clothes and diapers

The bottom line

In terms of style, there’s no denying that this diaper bag is in the big leagues. While you wouldn’t tell by the design that it’s a diaper bag, it has all the features of a fantastic one, including pockets, carry options and a lifetime warranty. 

4. Extra Large Diaper Bag — HAFMALL Travel/Diaper Bag

If you want to prepare for all eventualities – and with twins, that’s a sensible plan – this extra large Hafmall diaper bag has got your back. Great for holding everything you could possibly need for your two little ones, it’s also a fantastic choice for travelling. 

With a very large main compartment and 12 pockets, organizing your essentials for easy access is a doddle. It features 1 large pocket suitable for wet baby clothes and diapers, 2 insulated pockets for keeping baby bottles warm or cool, a side pocket for tissues, a front pocket, a back pocket with a key chain and 5 inside pockets. And if there’s one thing that a parent likes, it’s pockets.

Made from high density polyester fabric, the Hafmall diaper bag is waterproof, durable and super easy to clean. It can be carried by hand or on the shoulder, and will fit handily on top of a suitcase for when you’re jet-setting with your little ones as it has a luggage strap at the back. In a stylish unisex black and gray design, it’s perfect for both moms and dads!

Reviews certainly seem to back up the company’s claims. With an average of 4.9 stars out of 5 in over 120 reviews, it’s been tried and tested. Reviewers love the style, its versatility and, shockingly, pockets. And at around 32 dollars, you’ll have plenty of budget left over to buy all of those baby essentials!

The GoodThe Bad
◆  Extra large main compartment
◆  Has lots of pockets for easy organisation
◆  Features a specific pocket for wet clothes and diapers
◆  Is durable, waterproof and easy to clean
◆  Can be carried by hand or on the shoulder
◆  Stylish design that’s great for both moms and dads
◆  Great for travelling
◆  Will certainly carry everything you could possibly need!
◆  Fab reviews and a great price
◆  It’s slightly heavier than some other bags, which isn’t surprising given the space inside!
◆  It can’t be carried on both shoulders

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a sleek diaper bag, this Hafmall bag is perhaps not the one for you. But if you travel often and like to pack everything you might need for your little ones, it’s perfect. It’s slightly heavier than some others, but its space more than makes up for that.

5. Best Backpack style — Heartbeat Diaper Bag Backpack

When you’re carrying everything you need for not just one little one, but two, it’s super important to stay comfortable. Carrying a diaper bag by hand all day just isn’t practical, so a backpack style bag is a popular choice for parents. This Heartbeat Diaper Backpack is my top choice for a backpack style bag.

Its gray and black design means it’s stylish for both moms and dads and with a large capacity inside, it’ll easily carry your twins’ bottles, diapers, clothes and toys. There’s even an option to extend it, with an adjustable roll top and insulated compartment optional, which provides even more room for the essentials. 

With insulated pockets for the twins’ bottles and drinks, a large main compartment and a separate area for storing food, it’ll make days out and travel easy… depending on how your twins are feeling about said day out or holiday, obviously.

The Heartbeat Diaper Backpack isn’t just practical in terms of space; it’s waterproof, lightweight, made from durable Oxford premium fabric, features non-fraying stitching and has strong zippers. In terms of carrying it, it of course fits on both shoulders, but can also be carried by hand or attached to the stroller.

Whilst it’s only been reviewed a few times, every review so far is a 5-star one, with reviewers loving its durability and how easy it is to carry. And at around 40 dollars, it’s not a bad price for all that it offers!

The GoodThe Bad
◆  Waterproof and durable
◆  Can be carried by hand, on the stroller, or on your shoulders
◆  Lightweight
◆  Large main compartment
◆  Space for storing food and bottles
◆  Extendable
◆  Good value for money
◆  Unisex design
◆  Easy to carry
◆  It’s very much a unisex bag, so maybe not the best pick for moms who want to make a statement with their diaper bag
◆  There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to store wet clothes or diapers

The bottom line

If you’re not looking to stand out in the diaper bag crowd, and want a practical, easy to wear diaper bag, this is the one. Backpack diaper bags are arguably the most convenient, as they leave you with two hands free for your two little ones! It has plenty of space and is a good price for the practicality it offers.

6. Best for Dads — HSD Diaper Backpack for Men

Let’s face it. While some diaper bags are just stunning, with beautiful patterns and designs available for the fashionable mom, some dads aren’t fans of carrying said designer bags. For dads, or any parent or carer of course, who prefers a basic design, this HSD diaper backpack is the perfect choice; it looks just like a regular backpack!

With a military design and dark green color, you would not guess that this is a diaper bag. It’s also available in other colors if dark green isn’t your thing, including camo print, arctic camo, black and coyote brown. There isn’t a floral pattern in sight!

It has a very large capacity for plenty of bottles, diapers, toys and clothing for your twins and it also features a laptop pocket, for working on the go. If you can get any work done with two little ones running around, of course. As well as this pocket, it has a super handy integrated baby wipe holder, a bottom outside pocket for smaller items, and stroller straps to allow you to attach it right on the stroller. Apart from carrying it this way, it can also be carried by hand or on both shoulders, for a super comfortable day out. 

And the features don’t stop there… it also comes with a changing mat, which can be easily stored in the bag. One less product to buy is always a good thing!

If that wasn’t enough, check this out: the bag has been evaluated by members of the United States Military in both field and urban settings. So it’s a bit of an understatement to say that it’s gonna be durable! With an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars in over 1,000 reviews, it certainly lives up to the hype, with reviewers loving how much they can fit in the bag and how easy it is to carry. But, this quality will set you back around 100 dollars, which is significantly more than a lot of other diaper bags in this list. That’s what you get for military-approved diaper bags, it seems!

The GoodThe Bad
◆  Plenty of space
◆  Very basic design, so great for dads
◆  Can be hooked on to the stroller, carried by hand or on the shoulders
◆  Has separate compartments for little items
◆  Features an integrated baby wipe holder
◆  Includes a changing mat
◆  Tried and tested by the US military
◆  Obviously very durable
◆  Has great reviews
◆  Is waterproof
◆  It’s not the greatest choice for parents who want to make a statement with their diaper bag
◆  It’s more expensive than a lot of diaper bags

The bottom line

I can’t imagine anyone sets out to buy a US military-approved diaper bag, but if that’s on your tick list, you’ve found the one. It’s durability can’t be questioned and it’s a great choice for dads (and any parent, of course) who want a diaper bag that doesn’t look like one. But it will set you back quite a few dollars.

7. Best Convertible — Large Diaper Bag

Baby products that are as versatile as this large Chuntianli diaper bag are a sure fire way to make a parent’s day, especially when you have not just one baby, but two. This cute-looking diaper bag isn’t just a diaper bag; unzip the front compartment to reveal a handy changing mat, perfect for days out and travelling!

With a navy and polka dot design, not only is it versatile and practical, but very stylish. It has a roomy main compartment for all of your twins’ essentials, a spacious back pocket, 3 mesh pockets for carrying bottles and creams, a velcro quick-reach back pocket, a tissue pocket and an insulated mesh pocket on each side. Suffice to say, it has plenty of pockets. 

The Chuntianli diaper bag is water-resistant, easy to clean and durable and be carried as a shoulder bag, handbag or backpack. For when you don’t fancy carrying it anymore, it can be hung on the stroller.

The removable diaper changing pad on the front of the bag is smooth and water-resistant, for easy, on-the-go changing. And for around 27 dollars, it’s fantastic value for money, especially considering that it has great reviews; an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Reviewers love the cute design, the different carry options and the many, many pockets!

The GoodThe Bad
◆  Stylish design
◆  Roomy 
◆  Has plenty of pockets
◆  Comes with a fold down changing mat
◆  Space for storing bottles 
◆  Easy to organize the babies’ things
◆  Water-resistant
◆  Durable
◆  Can be carried in 3 ways
◆  It doesn’t seem to have a specific compartment for diapers and wet clothes

The bottom line

In terms of convenience, the Chuntianli is the cream of the diaper bag crop. You’ll never be without a changing mat, and it’s super versatile in terms of carry options. It’s a great combination of style and practicality.

8. Best Luxury Diaper Bag — Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag

If you’re on the hunt for something a little fancier when it comes to a diaper bag for your twin babies, look no further than this luxurious Itzy Ritzy large capacity bag. With a really stunning gray fabric, tan vegan leather and white vegan leather design, it really does make a statement! It even features an added ‘leather’ tassel, for that extra bit of razzmatazz. And if that design doesn’t float your boat, it’s also available in black and white, blush, black and gold, black herringbone, heather gray and taupe herringbone. You could even have one to suit every outfit, if your budget allows for unnecessary purchases!

The Itzy Ritzy diaper bag has a main compartment with lots of space and a whopping 17 pockets. Yes, 17, including 10 internal pockets and 7 external pockets. There are 2 insulated bottle pockets for keeping your twins’ bottles and drinks warm or cool. You’ll find an easy-clean changing pad in its own zippered compartment on the back of the bag, which not only means easy changing on-the-go, but offers extra cushion when you’re wearing the bag as a backpack. 

It features rubber feet on the bottom of the bag to keep it clean, can be carried by hand or on the shoulders (and comes with stroller straps for easy attachment) and is made with cruelty-free vegan leather. And the best thing about it? You’ll be the most stylish parent in town! 

Style and practicality, though, comes at a price: around 160 dollars, in fact. So it’s of course a lot more expensive than some other diaper bags on the market, and not a great option if you’re looking to bag a bargain. Having said that, the reviews really are glowing, with an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars in over 1,100 reviews. It’s clear that you get what you pay for! Users say they love the amount of storage space within it, how the bag comes in stylish, yet neutral designs and how easy it is to carry. 

The GoodThe Bad
◆  Makes a statement
◆  Available in lots of different colors
◆  Some would be great for both moms and dads
◆  Easy to carry
◆  Can attach to the stroller
◆  Has 17 pockets, for easy organisation
◆  Has excellent reviews
◆  Comes with a changing mat
◆  It has cruelty-free vegan leather
◆  It doesn’t seem to have a compartment for wet clothes or diapers
◆  The fabric isn’t waterproof
◆  It’s more expensive than some diaper bags on the market

The bottom line

If you’re looking to step out in style with your twins, this is the diaper bag for you. It looks great, it’s practical and it’s easy to carry. But it’s not so great for those on a budget.

9. Best Dads Messenger Diaper Bag — Columbia Outfitter Messenger Bag

For a bag that looks more like a daily men’s bag than a diaper bag or a backpack, this Columbia Outfitter Messenger Diaper Bag is perfect. It may be a basic style, but for parents who prefer substance over style, it’s a great choice. With an expendable main compartment, accessory pockets and additional exterior storage, it has plenty of room for everything your twins might need. There’s a specific insulated pocket for keeping bottles warm and plenty of little spaces for the grown-up things: keys, phones and money, for example. 

It’s easy to carry on the shoulder and features an anti-slip shoulder pad, so you’re not pulling it up every 2 seconds whilst trying to keep an eye on your 2 little ones! At around 40 dollars, it’s not the most expensive, but it’s also not the cheapest, considering its basic design. And with an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 in over 50 reviews, its rating is good, but not excellent like some other diaper bags. Reviewers love that it’s not too big and bulky, that it comes with a changing pad and that it’s great for both moms and dads.

The GoodThe Bad
◆  Unisex design
◆  Easy to carry on the shoulder
◆  Comes with a changing pad
◆  Has an expendable main compartment
◆  Has insulated pockets for bottles
◆  Has good reviews
◆  Doesn’t look like a diaper bag
◆  It doesn’t have as much capacity as some other diaper bags on this list
◆  It can only be carried on one shoulder
◆  It doesn’t appear to have a compartment for wet clothes and diapers
◆  It’s not the best choice for style-conscious parents

The bottom line

If design isn’t a top priority and you want a bag suitable for both mom and dad, this messenger bag is ideal. Despite its basic design though, it is a little more expensive than other bags available.

10. Best Double Stroller Diaper Bag for Twins — Skip Hop Diaper Bag

A diaper bag that fits easily on to your stroller is a gift from the baby Gods, especially if you have twins. You’ll have enough on your plate, without worrying about carrying heavy bags too. This Skip Hop diaper bag is made for double strollers, making days out with the little ones as simple as they can be. 

There are two designs available in the Skip Hop diaper bag – heather gray and chevron – and both are very stylish, while remaining unisex. It not only fits perfectly on a double stroller using their patented shuttle clips, but it has plenty of space and 16 pockets, including a cell phone pocket, a zipped pocket and two side pockets for bottles. Apart from attaching it to the stroller, you can wear it as a messenger bag or carry it as a tote bag. 

It features a changing pad inside, which is one less thing to worry about when packing for a day out or holiday, and a D-ring for pacifiers and strollers. In terms of the price, it is a little more than some other bags on the list at around 75 dollars. But it looks like the Skip Hop is worth the price, with an average of 4.5 out of 5 in over 200 reviews. It’s been recommended by users for its space inside for all of baby’s essentials, how stylish the designs are and how great it is for travelling.

The GoodThe Bad
◆  The brand say it’s the only diaper bag that fits double strollers
◆  There’s plenty of storage
◆  Stylish designs
◆  Great for moms and dads
◆  It has loads of pockets for easy organisation
◆  Has a D-ring for toys and pacifiers
◆  Has specific compartments for bottles
◆  Attaches to the stroller and can be carried as a tote or messenger bag
◆  Has great reviews
◆  It doesn’t seem to be made from waterproof fabric
◆  There isn’t a compartment for wet clothes and diapers
◆  It’s a little more expensive than other diaper bags

The bottom line

If you’re after a diaper bag that’ll fit on a double stroller, the Skip Hop is absolutely perfect! It has plenty of room, but will cost you a little more than other bags on the market.

What goes into a diaper bag for twins? 

Once you’ve chosen the twin diaper bag for you, the next (and probably most important) bit is what you put in it! The contents will of course vary depending on your needs, but if you have the following items, you’ll have everything you need for a successful outing.

  • Plenty of diapers
  • Bottles of breastmilk if needed
  • Formula, if needed
  • Drinks and snacks, for you and your babies
  • A couple of sets of clothes, including extra layers
  • Your twins’ preferred toys (more than one, so they don’t have to share!) and books
  • Pacifiers (if used)
  • Baby wipes
  • Tissues
  • Burp cloths
  • Any medicines you might need
  • An easy-clean changing mat
  • Bibs
  • Sun lotion
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Something to store diapers or wet clothes in (perhaps a zip-lock bag) if your diaper bag doesn’t have a special compartment
  • Baby spoons
  • Your crucial items – keys, phone, money

Do you need two diaper bags for twins?

Having two diaper bags would be inconvenient to say the least, and there’s really no need to have more than one if you buy a great diaper bag for twins. With plenty of space and room for all of your babies’ essentials, having one diaper bag will mean everything you need is in one place, ready to pick up and go whenever you need to. 

A small diaper bag with limited carrying options wouldn’t be suitable, because, of course, with twins, you inevitably need to pack more than if you were packing for one baby or toddler. But a lightweight diaper bag with plenty of room that’s easy to carry will save you lugging around two diaper bags, not to mention the money you’ll save! 

Final Thoughts

Having plenty of choice on the market for diaper bags is a great thing, but it can be overwhelming. However, if you consider the important factors, like size, material, carrying options and price, you’re sure to find the right diaper bag for you and your twins. 

There are a surprising number of great, practical diaper bags at very reasonable prices, leaving you the budget you need to stock up on all those twin baby essentials! Whether you’re looking for a stylish bag, a bag on a budget, or a bag to suit dad, you’re sure to find one in my top 10 diaper bags for twins. They make trips and holidays run smoothly, and keep you and your little ones happy… until you forget to pack enough diapers, you’re on a plane, and you’re dealing with a couple of diaper explosions. 

You can never have too many diapers.

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