What Are The Best Reusable Swim Diapers Of 2022?

Swimming with your baby is one of the most amazing experiences. And just because they’re still in diapers doesn’t mean that they can’t stay protected, have fun and become a little Michael Phelps! There are so many options when it comes to disposable swim diapers and reusable swim diapers that you’re sure to find the one that works for you and your baby. 

Reusable swim diapers are fantastic because they’re great quality, will keep your baby (and other swimmers!) protected, and they’re so much better for the environment than disposable ones. Your little one will be splashing and crawling their way to swimming-lover before you know it! Perhaps not to Phelps’ standard, but who cares?! Is there anything cuter than a little baby in a pool? 

No, there is not.

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Our Top Reusable Swim Diapers of 2022

1.Nageuret Reusable Swim Diaper

2. Wegreeco Reusable Baby Swim Diaper 3 Pack

3. Alvababy Reusable Swim Diaper

4. Splash About New And Improved Happy Nappy Swim Diapers

5. I Play. Snap Reusable Swimsuit Diaper

6. Thirsties Swim Diaper

7. I Play. Boys’ Trunks With Built-In Reusable Swim Diaper

8. I Play. Girls’ Rashguard Set With Built-In Absorbent Swim Diaper

9. Ecoable Hybrid Cloth Diaper

(Designed To Fit Little Infants, Toddlers And Special Kids Up To 10 Years)

11.  Will And Fox Reusable Diaper

Can my baby use a regular disposable diaper when swimming?

Your baby absolutely, definitely, without a doubt, needs a swim diaper.

Regular diapers, whether they’re disposable or reusable, won’t be equipped to deal with immersion in water, and won’t keep your baby and those around them protected from their poops. Even if they’re able to tell you when they need to go potty, your little one may be so distracted by the frolics and fun going on around them, that they completely forget to give you the signal, which could result in a very messy pool visit indeed. 

Swim diapers, on the other hand, are made for swimming, and will keep your little one happy while he or she splashes around in the water, without weighing them down.

And they’ll also prevent the entire pool from being shut down due to a hygiene ‘incident’. We don’t wanna be that parent/carer…

Which Type of Swim Diaper is Best?

When it comes to picking a swim diaper for your little one, it’s important to know the difference between the two main types: reusable and disposable.

Disposable swim Diaper

The first kind of swim diaper is the disposable swim diaper. Like with regular disposable diapers, the main advantage is that they’re very convenient and very well known brands produce their own ranges of disposable swim diapers, like Huggies Little Swimmers, Babyganics Swim Pants and Pampers Splashers. There’s no washing involved and they can simply be disposed of after they’ve been used. Considering that some pools will have strict rules about not cleaning reusable swim diapers in their facilities, this is an obvious advantage. But there are so many pros to using reusable swim diapers that they’re certainly worth considering!

Reusable Swim Diaper

A reusable swim diaper really does what it says on the packet: it’s a swim diaper that can be washed and used again and again, which makes it a whole heap better for the environment, and for your wallet. You’ll need 2 or 3 to get started, which means you’ll have at least a wash and a wear. 

Many brands of reusable swim diapers can also be adapted and adjusted to fit, depending on the size of your little one, so you may only need a couple of diapers to see your little one through from a few months old to when they’re a toddler.

Advantages of reusable swim diapers over disposables

  1. Better for the environment

It really goes without saying that reusable swim diapers are a heck of a lot better for the environment than disposable ones. Whereas you might use hundreds of disposable swim diapers until your little one is fully potty trained, you can easily get by with a few reusable swim diapers, as they can often be adjusted to fit different sizes and ages. 

Landfill is already jam-packed with regular disposable diapers, and it’s easy not to add to that with disposable swim diapers. 

  1. Adjustable

Like regular reusable diapers, reusable swim diapers are often adjustable to your baby’s size. Not all can be adjusted, usually with poppers in different places, but some will even fit your baby from a few months to when they’re toddlers. This means way more bang for your buck.

  1. Cost-effective

Rather than buying packs and packs of disposable swim diapers, reusable swim diapers are bought once, and used over and over again. While they’re more expensive initially, they’ll undoubtedly save you money in the long run, as you don’t have to repurchase. 

  1. Easy to use

Gone are the days of fiddly, hard to use reusable diapers. Reusable swim diapers are super easy to use, fit just as snugly as reusable diapers, and are surprisingly easy to clean. Simply empty the poop into the toilet, and wash in the washing machine. 

  1. They’re adorable

Unlike many disposable swim diapers, reusable swim diapers often feature crazy cute designs. I realize this isn’t the most important factor to consider, but some of the prints are so adorable that it’s definitely an advantage. We’re all suckers for cute baby clothes, after all.

What to consider when buying Reusable swim diapers

So when you’re looking to make a reusable swim diaper purchase, what are the factors to consider? There are so many amazing brands on the market now that it’s easier than ever to find the right diapers for your little water baby.

  1. Comfort

Swim diapers have come a long way, especially when it comes to reusables. Unlike disposable diapers, which can soak up so much water that they become super heavy, many reusable diapers will remain light and comfortable for your baby. Look for soft, breathable materials with silky smooth mesh linings. If they’re adjustable, this should also make them more comfortable for babies.

  1. Functionality

How well do they hold the poop in, in other words? Of course, all brands will tell you that they’re effective, so checking out the reviews is always a great way to check that what they’re promising to do will hold up when it comes to actually having your baby in the water. It’s also worth looking at how easy users have found it to clean the reusables. 

  1. Adjustability

I’ve already mentioned this, but adjustability is a very important factor when it comes to both comfort and cost effectiveness. Reusable swim diapers will often feature various poppers, so that the size can be easily adjusted, depending on the age of your baby. It’s important for very obvious you-don’t-want-the-poop-to-escape-into-the-pool reasons that they’re a comfortable fit. If they’re adjustable, this should be a lot easier, and it saves you buying lots of different sizes.

  1. Price

As with all baby items, prices of reusable swim diapers will vary, but you’re sure to find a brand that fits your requirements and your budget. Reusable swim diapers range from about 4 dollars per diaper to 20 dollars per diaper, depending on the size and brand. But, considering that you’ll probably only ever need to purchase about 3 swim diapers if you go for a brand that grows with your baby, this is still super cost effective compared to the cost of reusable diapers, which range from about 50 cents to a dollar per diaper.

The best reusable swim diapers reviews of 2022

1.Nageuret Reusable Swim Diaper

Nageuret reusable swim diapers are a great choice for little swimmers. Adjustable between sizes N and 5 (8-36lbs), the super cute designs will see your baby through his or her pre-potty training years. The outer shell is made with a premium breathable waterproof 100% polyester cloth fabric, which is surprisingly soft. Inside, the diaper is made from incredibly soft premium mesh, making them easy to wash and comfortable for your little one. 

The company is so sure you’ll be impressed with their reusable swim pants that they include a 1-year money-back guarantee, so if something happens to your diaper that you’re not happy with, not only will they refund you, but they’ll give you a brand new swim diaper for free. Plus, if it doesn’t sound good enough already, they donated 5% of their yearly sales to Compassion International, a charity that aims to tackle extreme child poverty.

With this diaper, you don’t have to worry about excess water, and the elastic found around the legs and waist won’t cause chafing. And at around 16 dollars each, they’re great value for money, especially when you look at the reviews.

With a whopping average of 4.7 out of 5 in over 1000 ratings, it’s safe to say that customers are happy with their purchase. One reviewer marvels at how well the diaper prevented leaks, and another comments on how the adjustable nature of the diaper makes it perfect for growing little ones.

◆   Adjustable
◆   Made with premium breathable waterproof fabric
◆   Comfortable for your little one
◆   Includes a money back guarantee
◆   The company donates a portion of their sales to charity
◆   Great value for money
◆   Tried, tested and loved
◆   Comes in the cutest designs
◆   Are there any?

The bottom line

Nageuret reusable swim diapers are a great tried and tested choice for your little one, and you’ll be donating to charity with every purchase. 

2. Wegreeco Reusable Baby Swim Diaper 3 Pack

This 3 pack of Wegreeco Reusable Baby Swim Diapers is amazing value for money. At around 13 dollars for 3 swim diapers, you can’t really go wrong. They’re available in loads of ridiculously adorable designs, ranging from turtles to starfish to foxes. They’re available in two sizes – small (fits babies 0-8 months, or 10-19lbs) and large (fits babies 9 months to 3 years old, or 20-40lbs), so you’d need a couple of different sizes to see your baby through their pre-potty-training years, but each diaper can still be adjusted to fit snugly. 

They’re made with 100% waterproof polyester, which holds in the poop no problem and they feature a soft mesh inside for easy cleanup. Plus, they’re super comfortable for your little one. 

They’re designed to prevent swelling or sagging, feature comfortable and soft elastics to prevent diaper rash and will withstand several washings.

And with 4.4 out of 5 on average in over 700 reviews, they’ve certainly been tried and tested. One reviewer can’t believe that she didn’t know just how much of a ‘mess’ her daughter had made in her diaper until changing her, as the Wegreeco diaper kept it in securely (thank goodness). Another has raved about how durable they are, with the diapers still looking great after lots of use. 

◆   Great value for money
◆   Available in seriously adorable designs
◆   Adjustable
◆   Great at holding in the mess
◆   Tried, tested, and loved
◆   Designed to prevent swelling and sagging
◆   You’ll have to buy two separate sizes to see your little one through from birth to toddler

The bottom line

Wegreeco reusable swim diapers are some of the cutest diapers around, are seriously good value for money and are clearly effective when it comes to keeping the pool poop-free.

3. Alvababy Reusable swim diaper

Alvababy are a company that specialize in products for your little one, including the manufacture of some awesome reusable swim diapers. Like all the swim diapers so far, the designs aren’t letting us down, with floral, fish and seashell designs available. Again, you’ll have a hard time not collecting them all! A fantastic thing about the Alvababy diapers is that you only need to buy one diaper, and this will suit your little one from newborn to 3 years – great for the environment, and seriously great for your wallet. 

Made from high quality waterproof material, the elastic waist and legs provides a secure and stretchy fit for your little one. They feature several poppers, so it’s simple to adjust them to fit your baby snugly. 

While they’re great at holding in the poop, they’re designed to prevent the absorption of excess water, allowing your little one to swim, play and have fun in the water with ease.

And to top it all off, they come with a 1 year guarantee: if you encounter any issues with the diaper, the company will refund you or send you a replacement. They seem pretty sure that you’ll fall in love!

At around 10 – 15 dollars each, grab a couple of these Alvababy diapers, and your little one will be well on their way to swimming superstar status. They average 4.4 out of 5 in over 400 customer reviews, and purchasers marvel at how easily they are adjusted. 

◆   Adjustable and suitable from birth to 3 years old
◆   About as eco-friendly as you can get!
◆   Great value for money
◆   Lovely designs, of course
◆   Features a 1 year money back guarantee
◆   Lightweight, so your baby can swim easily
◆   I’m not sure that there are any!

The bottom line

Alvababy reusable diapers are a fabulous choice for eco-conscious parents who don’t want to fork out every few months for a new swim diaper.

4. Splash About New and Improved Happy Nappy Swim Diapers
(for toddlers – splash jammers)

Splash About Happy Nappy Swim Diapers claim to be ‘the world’s most reliable and advanced swim diaper’ – quite a claim considering how many awesome choices there are on the market! So what’s special about them? 

Unlike a lot of swim diapers, which fit like regular diapers, Splash About feature an extra ‘band’ around the top of the legs, designed to ensure that messes stay securely in the diaper itself. The diaper itself is made from neoprene and specialist rib fabric to create a secure and tight seal around baby’s bum.

They’re available in sizes ranging from 0-3 months to 2-3 years, and come in some cute designs, including floral designs, dino pirate designs and under the sea designs. They’re not adjustable, so you will need to find the correct size for your little one. At around $15 each, whilst this isn’t a bad price, if you’re planning on taking your little one to the beach or the pool regularly as they’re growing up, the cost could get a bit excessive. But, if you’re looking for a guarantee that no poop will find itself floating into the pool, they’re a great choice. Especially when you consider the reviews: they average 4.7 out of 5 in nearly 150 reviews.

And Splash About don’t just make swim diapers. Their range includes ‘Splash Jammers’ for toddlers, which are longer shorts, as well as swimsuits and wetsuits with built-in leak protection.

◆   Unique leak-protection design
◆   A range of sizes ensures you’ll find one to fit your little one snugly
◆   Features a patented design for comfort 
◆   They have great reviews
◆   There’s a range of adorable designs to choose from
◆   The company make a range of swimwear, including diapers, swim shorts, swimsuits and wetsuits
◆   Purchasing a new swim diaper every few months for your little one could get expensive

The bottom line

If your budget allows, Splash About Happy Nappy swim diapers will certainly ensure no leaks! But having to buy a new diaper every few months could get expensive, and they’re arguably not as good for the environment as adjustable diapers as a result.

5. i play. Snap Reusable Swimsuit Diaper

The brand i play has over 28 years of experience developing and improving their patented reusable swim diapers. Its three-layer design is patented and its wicking liner helps to prevent diaper rash. With an absorbent inner layer, they guarantee no leaks and are super comfortable for your little one.

As we’ve come to expect from reusable swim diaper companies, i play produce several designs, all equally adorable. The only problem is, you’re gonna want them all… They also come in various sizes, from 3T to 24 months. So, unlike many reusable swim diapers, they’re not adjustable, and you will have to purchase different diapers as your little one grows.

They range in price from around 11 dollars to 28 dollars, depending on the size and design, so they could become expensive as your little one grows out of his or her diapers. On the other hand, with 4.5 out of 5 in nearly 1500 customer reviews, they clearly do the job! While reviewers recommend the diapers for their security, many say that the diapers come up pretty small.

◆   Patented technology
◆   Comfortable for your little one
◆   The brand is well established
◆   You’ll be able to find the right fit for your baby
◆   They have great reviews
◆   Some reviewers say the sizes come up a little small
◆   Some are quite expensive compared to other brands
◆   You’ll have to purchase different diapers as your little one grows, as they’re not adjustable

The bottom line

While they do have great reviews and patented technology, repurchasing diapers as your little one gets bigger isn’t as good for the environment or your wallet as adjustable diapers.

6. Thirsties Swim Diaper

Thirsties Swim Diapers are slightly different in their design, as they feature a duo wrap diaper cover for comfort and protection. Their trim cut and super soft mesh inside allows the baby to swim easily and keeps them comfortable. They even feature leg gussets to ensure messes are contained and are designed not to absorb too much water. This prevents baby from being weighed down in the pool.

They come in two sizes – size one (6-18 pounds) and size 2 (18-40 pounds) and in various designs. At around 16 dollars, they’re very good value for money and have great ratings – an average of 4.5 out of 5 in over 40 reviews. So they’re not quite as tried and tested as other brands, but they certainly get the seal of approval from users.

◆   Leg gussets ensure leakage protection
◆   They’re available in two sizes for a snug fit
◆   They’re great value for money
◆   Available in several designs
◆   Highly rated
◆   It’s not really a con, but unlike other brands, which are adjustable from birth to toddler, you’ll have to purchase two separate sizes of this brand. But they are great value for money, so this really isn’t a huge issue! Plus, their leg gussets will give you peace of the-poop-ain’t-escaping mind.

7. i play. Boys’ Trunks with Built-in Reusable Swim Diaper

Another product from the established company i play is these boys’ trunks with a built-in reusable diaper. Simply pull on, and they’re good to go! These are great for toddlers as they don’t require any additional protection. They’re lightweight, so it’s easy for your little one to enjoy their swim, they feature the same patented three-layer design for protection and ensure no accidents!

Like the i play diapers, they come in a range of designs and sizes. They’re not adjustable, so you will have to repurchase as your little one gets bigger. But, they do have good reviews: an average of 4.7 out of 5 in over 300.

◆   They feature a built-in swim diaper
◆   They’re tried and tested
◆   Patented 3-layer design
◆   They come in various sizes and designs
◆   They’re lightweight, so they’re easy for your little one to swim in
◆   Like with the i play diapers, you’ll have to repurchase as your baby grows, as they’re not adjustable

The bottom line

Like with the i play diapers, they’re not as good for the environment and your bank balance as other brands, as they’re not adjustable. 

8. i play. Girls’ Rashguard Set with Built-in Absorbent Swim Diaper

Who doesn’t love a matching set when it comes to swimwear, complete with adorable design? We’re back to i play with their two piece rashguard set for little girls, with their various designs (including flamingos, rainbow fish and Hawaiian turtles) and sizes (3T to 24 months). This swim set features ultraviolet protection for baby, with UPF 50+, although you’ll still have to apply sun cream on the exposed skin, of course!

I play provides a snug fit for your little girl, and their patented 3 layer protection of a wicking line, which pulls moisture away from the skin to prevent diaper rash, an absorbent layer for protection and a waterproof layer to prevent unsanitary accidents

Prices range from around 24 to 40 dollars, depending on the design and size, so if you’re buying a new set every few months, this could get seriously pricey. But again, an average of 4.6 out of 5 in nearly 100 customer reviews shows that, despite the price, they do work!

◆   Great for protecting baby’s skin from the sun
◆   Patented 3 layer design
◆   Beautiful designs
◆   Designed to prevent diaper rash
◆   Great reviews
◆   Yet again, buying a new set every few months isn’t great if you’re on a budget

The bottom line

They’re pricey, especially considering they can’t be adjusted, but they are good for covering up your little one in the sun. Plus, the designs are just beautiful.

9. Ecoable Hybrid Cloth Diaper
(designed to fit little infants, toddlers and special kids up to 10 years)

Ecoable Hybrid Cloth Diapers are pretty unique. They’re a waterproof 3-in-1 trainer suitable for daytime wear, swimming and potty training your little one. They’re available in 3 sizes – size 1 (8-25lbs), size 2 (15-35lbs) and size 3 (35-60 pounds), so you’re sure to find a snug fit for your baby. And, of course, they’re available in heaps of too-cute designs. What are these companies doing to us? I want them all!

The Ecoable diaper is designed to fit little infants, toddlers and children with special needs of up to 10 years.

They have a super stretchy waist so they’re comfortable for your little one, and include a removable bamboo diaper booster pad for when they’re not quite ready for potty training. 

So, for daytime use, you simply attach the snap-in bamboo insert. For swim and beach time, simply remove the booster pads and for potty training, take out all the inserts when they’re ready for toilet training. 

Prices range from around 15 to 20 dollars and, considering how multi-functional they are, that’s not a bad price at all. Of course, you’d have to repurchase as they get bigger. They have an average of 4.2 out of 5 in over 60 customer ratings, so they’re not quite as highly rated as other brands, although there are many glowing reviews, with reviewers commenting on how useful this multi-functional diaper is for their little one.

◆   Multi-functional – good for daytime, swimming and potty training
◆   Cute designs
◆   Stretchy waist for comfort
◆   Good value for money
◆   They’re not as highly rated as other brands
◆   They’re not as adjustable as other brands

The bottom line

These diapers are unique in that they’re great for daytime, swimming and potty training. Whilst you’ll have to buy different sizes as they grow, the fact that they are so multi-functional makes them great value for money.

10. Babygoal Baby Swim Underwear

Babygoal Swim Diapers are a fab choice for little swimmers. They come in 2 sizes – one fits newborn to 2 years, and the other fits newborn to 3 years, so they get a tick on the money-saving, eco-friendly side of things. They have various poppers, they’re very easily adjusted to fit your little one, and will grow alongside them. 

Babygoal Swim Diapers come with a 1-year money back guarantee, which is always reassuring, and they’re completely free from chemicals, BPA, phthalate, latex and lead. 

It goes without saying that they come in various beautiful designs and, at around 8 dollars per diaper, are seriously awesome value for money. But do they work?

They average 4.5 out of 5 in nearly 400 user reviews, so it seems so. One reviewer loves how the outer shell is silky soft and comfortable for their baby and another describes how the diapers protect the mess effectively. 

◆   Fantastic value for money
◆   Adjustable, so they’ll grown with your little one
◆   Cute designs (obviously)
◆   Super soft
◆   Lightweight
◆   Comes with a 1 year money back guarantee
◆   None – they seem to be ticking all the boxes!

The bottom line

Babygoal swim diapers are fab if you’re on a budget, and great for the environment, as they’ll grow with your baby. 

11. Will and fox Reusable diaper

Finally, Will and Fox are a great choice and feature some of the funkiest diaper designs out there. They come in one size, so they’re adjustable from 0 – 3 years (or 9-36 pounds), making them a great choice for the environment, and for your bank balance. 

Their 1 year warranty shows that they’re confident in the diapers’ keeping-the-poop-contained abilities, and did I mention the designs are seriously trendy? Probably…

Will and Fox diapers feature super stretchy and soft edgings to ensure the diaper is sealed, as well as a deluxe mesh lining which grips the poop and keeps your child light and agile at the same time. 

In terms of price, they range from around 15 dollars for one diaper to 18 dollars for two, so you won’t be breaking the bank to take your little one to the pool. Plus, they average 4.3 out of 5 in over 90 customer ratings, with reviewers loving how soft the material is, how great their customer service is and how easy they are to clean.

◆   Great value for money, especially if you buy a 2 pack
◆   Suitable from birth to 3 years, so they’re great for the environment and suitable for those on a budget
◆   Comes with a 1 year warranty
◆   Soft and stretchy
◆   Easy to clean
◆   Super jazzy designs
◆   Won’t weigh your little one down
◆   Pass!

The bottom line

Will and Fox diapers will ensure your baby is the trendiest at the pool or beach, and will keep them comfortable and protected. Because they grow with your baby, they’re great value for money, and similarly great for the world around us.


How do you wash reusable swim diapers?

Don’t be put off by having to clean reusable swim diapers; it’s actually super easy. Just like with regular reusable diapers, simply scoop the poop out into the toilet, and machine wash. Instructions may vary depending on the brand you choose, but all will come with easy to follow instructions on how to take the best care of your reusable swim diapers. 

Nearly all brands can be machine washed and you can of course give them a rinse in your sink at home before or after washing. Just make sure you’re following the rules set out by the pool. Not many will allow washing in their sinks, for obvious reasons!

How many reusable swim diapers do I need?

How many reusable swim diapers you’ll need really depends on how often you plan on taking your baby to the pool or beach. If you’re going to visit regularly or stay for prolonged periods of time, I’d advise investing in at least 3 swim diapers, just to make it super convenient for you and your little one. That way, they have others to fall back on if you need them, and it reduces the need to wash and dry them super quickly. 

But, really, it’s a case of whatever your budget can stretch to. If you’re anything like me, you’ll struggle to not wanna collect every design… Have I mentioned they’re adorable?!

Can my baby travel in swim diapers?

The best way to extend the life of your swim diapers is to not travel in them. Use your regular disposable or reusable diapers when travelling and change your little one into their swim diapers just before getting into the water. You don’t want your baby to fill their swim diaper in the car and be left with no alternative or way of washing it when you get there! Plus, swim diapers don’t hold in the pee, so you’re gonna have a bit of a mess on your hands if your little one decides they need to go before they get in the pool.

How many swim diapers should I take to the pool or beach?

And, of course, take extra. Having at least 2 or 3 for every trip is a great tip. As we all know, our babies’ bowel movements can be anything but predictable, and having extra reusable swim diapers on hand will means hours of fun in the pool or at the beach, keeping your little one safe and comfortable.

Do you put a regular diaper under a swim diaper?

No, there’s no need to put a regular diaper under a swim diaper. Regular diapers aren’t equipped for water, and will soak up too much water, leaving your baby heavy and uncomfortable. An effective swim diaper will keep poop secure in the diaper, leaving your little one to enjoy their time in the water, and you to enjoy your time with them. 

Can I use regular diapers for swimming?

Regular diapers are definitely no good for swimming. They’re super absorbent and not waterproof, so will leave your baby weighed down, and super uncomfortable. Plus, they might be equipped to hold in messes on dry land, but that’s not to say that they’ll do the same in the water. And no-one wants to be the one to cause a mass poop-related evacuation in your local pool. 

Do reusable diapers hold pee?

No, reusable swim diapers do not hold in the pee. They can’t be super absorbent, because they’d end up weighing the baby down and making it difficult for them to swim and move around in the water. They’re therefore not designed to hold in moisture – just solids. Whilst it’s not safe for other swimmers to come across your baby’s solids, luckily, the added (safe) chemicals in pools will deal with stray pee and won’t harm others in the water!

Final thoughts

It’s clear that it’s pretty easy to find reusable swim diapers that are not only cost-effective and great for the environment, but that will prevent any accidents, providing your baby with hours of splashing fun!

Rather than spending heaps on packets and packets of disposable swim diapers, finding a reusable swim diaper that can be adjusted to fit your baby will save you so much money that you’ll have plenty to spend on taking them to the pool or to the beach. Plus, finding diapers that grow with your little one means fewer diapers in landfills. The world says thanks. 

There are so many brands that are affordable and will adjust as your baby grows up, allowing them to live their best swimming lives. Plus, the designs are adorable. I may have already mentioned that.

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