Ninjamas Review 2023: Who are they for, and are they worth it?

What is the purpose of Ninjamas?

Procter & Gamble (the company behind Pampers) launched Ninjamas back in 2020. And since then, they’ve become one of the best-selling bedwetting pants on the market. 

Ninjamas offer nighttime protection to older toddlers and young children – those who are potty training or who have been potty trained, but still need support overnight. As you’d expect, they’re widely available, and promise to keep your child comfortable and dry.

As Pampers’ sister brand, you’d expect them to be successful. But are they actually worth trying? They might be effective, but are they safe? And are there any alternatives to Ninjamas?

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Who are Ninjamas made by?

Ninjamas are made by Procter & Gamble, the same global conglomerate that makes Pampers. 

How do Ninjamas work? 

Ninjamas are made to tackle bedwetting accidents. They feature ‘LockAway Channels’ – super absorbent bits of the pant, in other words – which wick wetness away quickly.

The brand tells us that Ninjamas feature OdorMask Technology, but there’s no explanation as to how this happens. I assume the fragrances and scents which are added to the underwear are what Ninjamas are referring to here, which isn’t good news for skin, especially sensitive skin.

They’re made for comfort, with a stretchy 360 degree waistband, and they fit and feel like regular cotton underwear. 

Ninjamas ingredients

It’s super important to know what’s in diapers, pull-ups and bedwetting underwear – and, more importantly, what’s not in them.

More often than not, you’ll find hidden chemicals in these products. At best, they’re no good for the skin. At the worst, the toxins used can potentially cause more serious health issues.

And with billions of diapers and similar products thrown away every year in the US alone, products that make an effort to use less plastic and more plant-based materials are preferable.

So where do we stand when it comes to Ninjamas?

Ninjamas provides a full list of materials used in their underwear:

Topsheet – Polypropylene
Backsheet – Polypropylene & polyethylene
The absorbent core – Fluff pulp and SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer)
Fragrances – used underneath the absorbent materials
Pigments – Non-sensitizing pigments to make the designs

It looks like most of a Ninjamas is some form of petroleum-based plastic – anything beginning with ‘poly-’ is an indicator of this! 

It’s also concerning that Ninjamas used fragrances. Added scents and fragrances are used in everything from diapers and bedwetting underwear to baby wipes and beauty products. The problem is, the terms ‘fragrances’ and ‘scents’ aren’t regulated by the FDA. So they can be used to hide a smorgasbord of chemicals that are no good for our skin. Fragrances and scents could be irritants, allergens and carcinogens, so it’s much safer to steer clear if possible.

The other chemical to avoid is phthalates. Used in everyday products from diapers to flooring to baby toys, a 2014 study found that phthalate exposure could ‘perturb normal development’ as they can easily interfere with hormones

If a diaper or bedwetting pant brand doesn’t explicitly say that they avoid phthalates, it’s safer to assume that they’re present. So I assume that Ninjamas use them, along with added fragrances.

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Ninjamas Sizes

Ninjamas bedtime underwear is available in two sizes: S/M, which are suitable for little ones who weigh 38-70lbs, and L, which are suitable for children who weigh 64-95lbs+. That means they’re suitable for toddlers through to older children, and even some teens. 


Do Ninjamas pull ups have the velcro sides?

No, Ninjamas don’t have velcro sides. Instead, they have easy tear sides, which can’t be refastened after they’ve been torn. Huggies Pull-Ups, on the other hand, do feature velcro sides, which can be refastened if you need them to be.

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Where to buy Ninjamas?

You can buy Ninjamas from major stores, like Walmart, Target and Walgreens, as well as Amazon. You’ll probably find them in smaller stores too.

How much are Ninjamas? Are there cheaper alternatives?

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll pay for Ninjamas over on Amazon.

Boys’ SizePrice per pantGirls’ SizePrice per pant
S/M (44 count)$0.64S/M (44 count)$0.64
L/XL (68 count)$0.82L/XL (68 count)$0.82

How do these prices compare with similar brands? Let’s look at the price of Ninjamas and the price of Goodnites bedwetting underwear side by side. 

Ninjamas Boys’ SizesPrice per pantGoodnites Boys’ SizesPrice per pant
S/M (44 count)$0.64XS (44 count)$0.68
L/XL (68 count)$0.82S/M (44 count)$0.66
L (75 count)$0.87
XL (63 count)$1.03
Ninjamas Girls’ SizesPrice per pantGoodnites Girls’ SizesPrice per pant
S/M (44 count)$0.64XS (44 count)$0.68
L/XL (68 count)$0.82S/M (99 count)$0.66
L (75 count)$0.87
XL (63 count)$1.03

It’s clear that both Goodnites and Ninjamas are a very similar price. What puts Goodnites ahead of Ninjamas, though, is the fact that they’re free of fragrances!

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Ninjamas reviews

As you’d expect, Ninjamas reviews are pretty great. Looking at boys’ underwear over on Amazon, they average 4.5 out of 5 in over 9,900 reviews. Most parents and carers say they’re comfortable for their little ones and have good absorbency, but many have experienced issues with leaks.

Ninjamas FAQ

1. Are Ninjamas made by Pampers?

Kind of. Ninjamas are produced by Procter & Gamble, the same global company that produces Pampers diapers and pull-ups. The packaging is very distinctive and looks completely different to other Pampers varieties, but Ninjamas and Pampers are sister companies.

2. Are Ninjamas different between girls and boys?

The only difference between Ninjamas for boys and Ninjamas for girls is the color and design. So your child can pick whichever they prefer, and get the same protection. 

3. What age are Ninjamas for?

Ninjamas are suitable for little ones from 38-95lbs+. That means they’re suitable for little ones from about 3-4 years old, through to older children, and they might even fit some teenagers. 

4. Are Ninjamas better than GoodNites?

Ninjamas are similar to Goodnites; both brands offer bedwetting underwear. One of the main differences between Ninjamas and Goodnites is the sizing. While Ninjamas are suitable for those who weigh 38-96lbs+, Goodnites are available in a wider range of sizes. 

Their XS size fits little ones who weigh 28-43lbs, so they’re suitable for younger toddlers. And they run through to size XL – this size fits those who weigh 95-140lbs+, which makes them suitable for older children, teens and even some adults.

Both brands have great reviews, and promise to keep your child dry and comfortable through the night. And both come in at a similar price…

But what makes Goodnites stand out is the fact that they steer clear of fragrances and scents, which is great for the skin. Fragrances can easily irritate it, especially if your little one’s skin is particularly sensitive. 

5. Are Ninjamas comfortable?

Ninjamas are made to be comfortable. The brand says they fit and feel like regular cotton underwear, and reviews certainly seem to agree. Parents and carers say they’re soft and flexible.

6. Are Ninjamas scented?

Yes – Ninjamas have added fragrances. While scents might seem like an innocent addition to a bedwetting pant, it’s actually concerning. The term ‘fragrances’ isn’t regulated by the FDA, so brands can use it however they like. It can therefore be used to cover a bunch of potentially harmful toxins. These toxins can easily irritate the skin, so it’s much better to choose unfragranced products where you can. 

7. Are Ninjamas for toddlers?

Ninjamas are suitable for older toddlers. They’re meant for those who are potty training or have been potty trained, but still need support at night. They fit little ones from 38lbs – that’s about age 3-4, so they might not fit 1-2 year olds. 

Ninjamas Alternatives

There are a few brands on the market which offer similar bedwetting underwear. Goodnites is one of the most well-known competitors. 

Goodnites underwear is available in a large range of sizes, which is great for older children. They’re suitable for those who weigh up to 140lbs, so they’re even suitable for some teens, young adults and adults. 

Their underwear holds the equivalent of 2 bottles of water, which is seriously impressive, and they’re made to be soft on the skin. Like Ninjamas, they’re available in major grocery stores, and probably in a lot of smaller ones too.

Unlike Ninjamas, they steer clear of fragrances, which is great news for skin, especially if your child has sensitive skin.

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Bambo Nature’s Night Pants are another amazing alternative to Ninjamas and Goodnites. This eco-friendly brand offers bedwetting underwear in two sizes: for age 4-7 (33-77lbs) and age 8-15 (77-110lbs). 

Bambo Nature also offers specifically-designed pants for girls and for boys, featuring the super absorbent part of the pant in the ‘right place’!

They’re really discreet, and made to feel comfortable. And if that wasn’t enough, what’s even more impressive about Bambo Nature as a brand is its commitment to the environment. They state that, in 2019, 85.4% of the waste from their production facility in Denmark was recycled.

The good & the bad of Ninjamas

The Good

  • Widely available
  • Comfortable fit
  • Very absorbent
  • Suitable for toddlers, young children and older children

The Bad

  • They don’t use any plant-based materials
  • They contain added fragrances
  • They might contain phthalates

It’s no surprise that the billion dollar company Procter & Gamble – the conglomerate behind Ninjamas – has made the brand a success.  Since their launch in 2020, they’ve been a huge success, rivaling Goodnites, and other top bedwetting underwear brands on the market. 

There’s no doubt that Ninjamas work (although some parents and carers have experienced issues with leaks). With sizes suitable for children from 38-96lbs, they’ll fit older toddlers through to older children. 

But it’s not just about that…

There’s a distinct lack of eco and skin friendly bedwetting underwear on the market right now. Bambo Nature is undoubtedly leading the way, with its FSC-certified, fragrance-free and phthalate-free pants.

Mega companies like Procter & Gamble have the money and means to make their products eco and skin friendly, including Ninjamas. And it’s about time they do.

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