Goodnites Review 2023: Who are they for, and are they worth it?

The world of pull-ups can be confusing. With ‘regular’ pull-ups, overnight pull-ups and bedwetting pull-ups, knowing which is best isn’t easy.

Goodnites are one of the best known bedtime underwear brands and the number one brand for nighttime protection. Available in major grocery stores across the US, it’s easy to give them a go.

But who are they for, and how are they different from regular pull-ups?

Here’s my in-depth review of Goodnites bedwetting underwear – are they worth it?

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Who makes Goodnites?

Goodnites diapers are made by Kimberly-Clark, the same company that makes Huggies diapers. Designed to combat bedwetting, they were formerly known as Pull-Ups Goodnites. 

Do Goodnites pull-ups have velcro sides?

GoodNites pull-ups have easy tear sides, not velcro sides. 

Both types of fasteners have pros and cons. Velcro sides are refastenable and make it easy to change your little one without having to undress them. On the other hand, some parents and carers find that they irritate their little ones’ skin. 

Easy tear sides are – as the name suggests – easy to get off, but they can’t be refastened. And you have to take pants off before popping another one on. 

Check out my guide to the best pull-ups with velcro sides for more on these fancy pants fastenings!

What are Goodnites Underwear features?

Goodnites feature double leg barriers to help prevent leaks, odor absorption technology and special absorption zones for both girls and boys. In fact, these pull-ups can hold the equivalent of 2 bottles of water!

The brand tells us that their pull-ups are super stretchy and they feature exclusive Disney designs.

Are Goodnites fragrance-free? 

Yes! Goodnites pull-ups are free of fragrances, which is good news for our little ones’ skin. The term ‘fragrances’ isn’t regulated by the FDA, so brands can use it to cover up a bunch of potentially-harmful chemicals – chemicals you wouldn’t want anywhere near your child’s skin. 

It’s best to avoid fragrances altogether, so it’s great that Goodnites steer clear.

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Where are Goodnites made?

It’s hard to find information about where Goodnites are made. Kimberly Clark makes Huggies in the US, but there’s nothing to say that it’s the same for Goodnites.

Goodnites Nighttime Underwear size guide

Goodnites nighttime underwear is available in the following sizes:

XS3-5 years28-43lbs
S/M6-8 years43-68lbs
L10-12 years 68-95lbs
XL14-20 years95-140lbs

It’s great that Goodnites are available in such varied sizes. They’re suitable for toddlers through to young adults.

There are many reasons why children might need bedwetting underwear beyond toddlerhood, so it’s great that Goodnites normalizes it, and makes the right sizes accessible for all.

Are Goodnites Pull-Ups expensive? Are there cheaper alternatives?

How much are Goodnites pull-ups? Here’s a breakdown of the price of Goodnites per size on Amazon.

Boys’ SizePrice per pantGirls’ SizePrice per pant
XS (44 count)$0.68XS (44 count)$0.68
S/M (44 count)$0.66S/M (99 count)$0.66
L (75 count)$0.87L (75 count)$0.87
XL (63 count)$1.03XL (63 count)$1.03
Prices were valid at time of publishing.

Let’s compare these prices to similar brands: Pampers Ninjamas and Bambo Nature Pants.

Pampers Ninjamas

Here’s the breakdown of the price of Pampers Ninjamas on Amazon.

Size Price per pant
S/M (44 count)$0.64
L (34 count)$0.91

Bambo Nature Night Pants

And here’s the price of Bambo Nature pants over on Amazon.

Boys’ SizePrice per pantGirls’ SizePrice per pant
Medium (age 4-7) (60 count)$0.92Medium (age 4-7) (10 count)$1.88
Large (8-15 years) (10 count)$1.43Large (8-15 years) (10 count)$1.91

It’s clear that, on average, Goodnites are the best value of the three brands. 

Bambo Nature pants are more expensive, but if your budget can stretch to it, these non-toxic pants are a great alternative.

Where to buy Goodnites Pull-Ups?

You can buy Goodnites pull-ups over on Amazon, as well as Walmart, Target, Walgreens and other grocery stores.

Are Goodnites non-toxic?

Lots of hidden chemicals can make their way into diapers, pull-ups and bedwetting underwear. One of the common culprits is phthalates, which have been linked to asthma, eczema and abnormal genital development in boys.

Fragrances and lotions are also commonly found in these products. While they might seem like a good idea, these terms aren’t regulated by the FDA. They’re often used by companies to cover up a bunch of other chemicals that are no good for the skin – they can easily irritate it, especially the sensitive, delicate skin of our babies and children.

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t state that they’re free of these chemicals. And if it’s not clearly stated, it’s much safer to assume they’re used. 

More on this topic: Disposable Diapers: What Are They Made From, And Are They Safe?

Bambo Nature pants are a wonderful non-toxic alternative to Goodnites. They’re free of fragrances, lotions and phthalates, along with bleach, preservatives, alcohol and petrochemicals. And they’re available in two sizes: ages 4-7, and 8-15.

What ingredients are in Goodnites?

Kimberly Clark offers a full list of ingredients and materials used in Goodnites:

Topsheet and Backsheet – Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyurethane
The absorbent core – Wood pulp and SAP

It’s clear that the vast majority of Goodnites pull-ups are made with petroleum-based plastics. While there are no fully plant-based products of a similar kind, Bambo Nature provides great bedwetting underwear, made with some plant-based materials. 

Their products are verified by the FSC and the EU Ecolabel, and they’re packaged in recyclable plastic. 

Goodnites FAQ

1. What age are Goodnights for?

Goodnites are available in a range of sizes. Their smallest size (XS) fits little ones who weigh 28-43lbs – toddlers, in other words! They run through to size XL, which fit those who weigh 95-140lbs+. That means they’re suitable for teenagers, and even young adults.

2. Are Goodnites considered diapers?

While Goodnites are super absorbent, they’re made to support with bedwetting, so they’re not quite the same as diapers. 

If your little one hasn’t yet been potty trained, it’s probably best to stick to regular diapers and pull-ups. 

3. Are Goodnites good for bedwetting?

Yes! Goodnites are made specifically to support with bedwetting. Unlike regular diapers and pull-ups, which are for little ones who haven’t been potty trained yet, Goodnites are for children and young adults who need support with bedwetting.

They’re discreet and comfortable, yet absorbent.

4. Can Goodnites fit adults?

Yes! Goodnites are available up to size XL, which fits those who weigh 95 – 140lbs+, so they’re suitable for some young adults and adults.

5. What age should a child be dry at night?

As a general guide, most children learn to stay dry overnight between the ages of 3 and 5. Every child is different, of course, so your little one might need support beyond this age. 

There are several signs to look for that indicate your little one is ready to be potty trained at nighttime, including asking not to wear a pull-up or diaper at night, and waking up with a dry or only slightly damp diaper. 

When they’re ready, make sure they go to the bathroom before bed, and let them know they can ask for help going to the bathroom during the night if they need to.

Goodnites are available up to size XL, which is suitable for children and young adults who weigh 95-140lbs. There are many reasons why older children might need support, including medical reasons. 

If you’re concerned about bedwetting, speak to your pediatrician.

6. Are Goodnites diapers pull-ups?

Goodnites are similar to pull-ups, but they’re designed for overnights rather than general use – in the way that a baby or toddler pre potty training would. 

They feature easy tear side sides, like many other diapers on the market, and fit like pull-ups. 

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7. Are Goodnites reusable?

Goodnites pull-ups are disposable, and not reusable. But there are plenty of reusable pull-ups on the market, like these for girls. They look like regular underwear, but have the absorbency of pull-ups – perfect for potty training and bedwetting.

8. Are Goodnites discreet?

Yes, Goodnites are designed to be discreet like underwear, but absorbent enough to support with bedwetting. Reviews online seem to back this up. They say that even the larger sizes are discreet on young adults and adults.

While some bedwetting underwear can look bulky, most reviews say that Goodnites are super discreet.

9. Are Goodnites made by Huggies or Pampers?

Goodnites are made by Kimberly Clark, the same company that produces Huggies diapers and pull-ups. While the products are similar, the brands are separate. 

Huggies offer Pull-Ups Night Time, which are similar to Goodnites. But they’re only available in sizes 2T-3T through 4T-5T, so they’re not suitable for older children or young adults.

Pampers produce Ninjamas, marketed as nighttime bedwetting underwear. Ninjamas are available up to size L, which are suitable for children from 64-125lbs. So they’re certainly suitable for older children.

10. Do Goodnites have a wetness indicator?

Goodnites pull-ups don’t feature a wetness indicator. While many parents and carers swear by diapers and pull-ups with wetness indicators, others steer clear of them. That’s because there’s a question about the safety of wetness indicators, as chemicals are used to make them. 

Learn more about wetness indicators here!

11. What is the maximum size for Goodnites?

The biggest Goodnites size is XL. This size is suitable for those who weigh 95 – 140lbs+. So the biggest Goodnites size is suitable for older children, young adults and even some adults.

12. What age is Goodnites XL for?

Goodnites XL size pull-ups are suitable for those who weigh 95-140lbs+. That means they’re generally suitable for teenagers from about 13-14, all the way into young adulthood.

They’re suitable for some adults too, depending on weight and body shape.

13. Do the boy version of these have more absorbency in the front than the girl version? Or is the difference just the pattern?

Goodnites offer pull-ups specifically for girls and pull-ups for boys. They differ slightly as the most absorbent part of each pull-up is in different areas – there’s more absorbency at the front for boys, and it’s concentrated in the middle for girls. 

The patterns also differ in the smaller sizes – you’ll find various Disney patterns on offer in sizes S/M.

14. Can I use Goodnites for my toddler during the daytime? Or only nights?

If your little one isn’t yet potty trained, it’s a good idea to stick to regular pull-ups for the daytime. Check out my guide to the best pull-ups for sensitive skin for some of my favorites. 

That’s because, whilst Goodnites are absorbent, pull-ups designed for toddlers are more so. If your little one is prone to accidents in the day but is mostly potty trained, Goodnites would be suitable.

Goodnites Alternatives

There are lots of similar products on the market to Goodnites. Pampers Ninjamas are one of the main competitors. 

This bedwetting underwear features LockAway channels to absorb wetness quickly, keeping your child dry overnight. They also have OdorMask Technology and a discreet design. Breathable material makes them feel like underwear, and they steer clear of parabens and latex, chemicals that could easily irritate the skin. 

They’re available in size S/M (38-70lbs) and L (64-95lbs), so their sizes aren’t as wide ranging as Goodnites.

Another great alternative to Goodnites is Bambo Nature’s Night Pants. This super eco-friendly brand produces amazing diapers, along with bedwetting underwear. 

Their underwear is available in 2 sizes: for children aged 4-7 (33-77lbs) and for children aged 8-15 (77-110lbs). They also provide specific pants for girls and for boys, with the most absorbent part of the pants adapted to suit.

They’re super discreet, soft and breathable, with an absorbent core that will support with bedwetting. 

Do Goodnites have other products that help with bedwetting?

Goodnites don’t just produce bedwetting underwear – they offer both absorbent insets and bed mats too!

  • Goodnites Absorbent Inserts

Goodnites absorbent inserts fit in regular underwear and, like their pull-ups, offer support with bedwetting. The brand says that its inserts offer support with ‘moderate’ bedwetting. For those who need more support, it’s best to stick to nighttime underwear. 

Their inserts are super discreet and soft, with a durable adhesive that keeps them in place.

  • Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats

Goodnites disposable bed mats are great for extra peace of mind. They’re designed to absorb wetness fast, and lock in odor, keeping sheets and blankets dry. They’re quiet and super soft, so they won’t get in the way of sleep and their easy to use peel strips keep them in place.

The brand’s bed mats are great for children who are nearly at the point of staying dry overnight, but wet the bed occasionally. 

They support children to stay dry overnight, without the hassle of changing sheets every day!

Goodnites Nighttime Bedwetting Underwear: The Good and The Bad

The Good

  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Suitable for older children, young adults and even some adults
  • They offer other bedwetting support products
  • Discreet
  • Super absorbent
  • They hold the equivalent of 2 bottles of water
  • Soft on the skin
  • Stretchy waistband
  • Available in major grocery stores

The Bad

  • No eco credentials
  • They most likely contain chemicals


Goodnites bedwetting underwear ticks most of the boxes. They’re super soft and absorbent – holding up to the equivalent of two bottles of water – as well as discreet and secure. It’s great that they’re available in sizes that fit toddlers right through to young adults, and they’re available pretty much everywhere. 

It’s just a shame that they don’t boast any eco credentials and they’re quiet when it comes to the use of chemicals in their products. 

Bambo Nature pants are a great alternative to Goodnites. Not only are they soft and absorbent just like the leading bedwetting underwear, but they’re made with some plant-based materials, and they’re free of harsh toxins like phthalates, lotions and fragrances. 

Just because they’re worn only at night doesn’t mean we can forget about harmful toxins.

And it’s safe to say there’s a gap in the market for more non-toxic, plant-based bedwetting underwear. Let’s hope it’s a gap that’s filled soon…

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