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Target Up and Up Diapers Review, 2022: The Best Budget Brand?

Store brand diapers like Target’s Up & Up are popular for a reason… or three. They’re convenient, they’re budget-friendly and, according to fans of these diapers, they work! 

But how do Up & Up diapers shape up? What are they made of, what toxins do they avoid, and are they effective?

Let’s take a closer look at Target’s own-brand diapers and find out if you should be picking up a pack on your next trip!

Disclaimer: Up&Up Diapers has not sponsored or endorsed this article in any way. As a mom who’s passionate about buying the best for babies, I try really hard to include accurate information in all of my posts. If there are any inaccuracies present, please let me know; I’m more than happy to amend any errors. For more information about Up&Up Diapers, head over to their main site: target.com. This review has affiliate links. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through my affiliate link. Please read my disclosure for more info.

What are Up and Up Diapers made of?

It’s really hard to find a full ingredients list when it comes to Up & Up diapers. My favorite brands are those which make their ingredients and materials easily accessible for parents. Our babies spend the first years of their lives in diapers, so we need to know what’s inside them…

Up & Up diapers use elemental chlorine free (ECF) fluff in the absorbent core, and it looks like the rest of the diaper is made of petroleum-based plastics: Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyethylene. It’s no surprise to say that disposable diapers made predominantly with plastics are the worst when it comes to looking after our environment. With an estimated 20 billion disposable diapers thrown away every year in the US alone, if there’s a product we should look to make sustainable, it’s these. 

Topsheet and Backsheet – Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyethylene
The absorbent core – Elemental Chlorine free pulp and SAP

Luckily, there are more genuinely eco-friendly diapers available on the market than ever before. But it looks like Up & Up diapers aren’t one of them.

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Are up and up diapers safe? 

While Target isn’t great at listing what their Up and Up diapers contain, they do tell us the ingredients they steer clear from. Up & Up diapers are completely free of fragrances, lotions, and latex. When I first published my review in December 2021, the description on the Target website stated that Up & Up diapers were free of phthalates. That statement is not there anymore. Either that information was not correct or the brand introduced new formula for their diapers.

Up & Up diapers do not contain:

  • Fragrances
  • Lotions
  • Latex

But why is this so crucial?

Lotions and fragrances are terms brands can use to hide a bunch of chemicals hidden in diapers. Our babies’ skin is so delicate, and unnecessary fragrances and lotions could easily irritate it. Diapers free from these are much better for your little one’s skin. 

And phthalates are even worse… These hard-to-pronounce toxins are hidden in all sorts of everyday products: vinyl flooring toys and baby diapers. If there’s one chemical you should avoid above all, it’s this one. Exposure to phthalates has been linked to the increased risk of asthma and eczema. Even more worryingly, it’s been linked to abnormal genital development in little boys1

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Who manufactures up & up diapers?

Up & Up diapers are manufactured by Target. 

Where are Up and Up Diapers made?

Up & Up diapers are made in the US.

Up and Up diapers price

*Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

Looking online at Target’s official site, it’ll set you back just under 22 bucks for a pack of 192 size 1 diapers – that’s just 11 cents each! Size 3 will cost you about 14 cents per diaper, rising to 25 cents per diaper for size 7. 

That’s just about the cheapest on the market, so there’s no denying that Up & Up diapers are budget-friendly!

You can save a further 5% with a Target Red Card – available with credit or debit.

Where to buy Up & Up Diapers?

You can buy Up & Up diapers in-store at Target and online from the official Target site. You can also find them at Walmart online, and some sizes are available at Amazon

Up and Up Diapers FAQ

1. Are up & up diapers chlorine-free?

Target’s Up & Up diapers aren’t completely free of chlorine, but they are elemental chlorine-free (ECF). This means there could be small amounts of chlorine in the diapers which, as Target explains, occurs naturally in the environment. But chlorine bleach isn’t used in the production of diapers. 

2. Do up and up diapers have a wetness indicator?

All sizes (Newborn-7) of Target’s Up and Up diapers feature wetness indicators. This is quite unusual for diaper brands. Even those that do have wetness indicators tend to only have them on the smaller sizes. Lots of parents find them really handy and it prevents unnecessary changes.

3. Can you buy Up and Up diapers at Walmart?

You can buy Up & Up diapers at Walmart online, as well as on Target’s site and in-store. 

4. What is the target brand of diapers?

Target’s own-brand diapers are called Up & Up. Target manufactures them and they’re made in the USA.

5. Are Up & Up diapers biodegradable?

Unfortunately, Up & Up diapers aren’t biodegradable. Biodegradable diapers are the best diapers on the market if you’re looking to buy sustainable products. Biodegradable diapers use a high percentage of plant-based materials and can be broken down back into the soil in as little as a few months. Plastic diapers, on the other hand, can take a few hundred years or more!  Check out my complete guide to biodegradable diapers, and the best on the market right now.

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6. Up & Up overnight diapers review 

Some parents swear by diapers specifically designed for overnight. But what about Up and Up overnight diapers?

Just like the regular variety, Up & Up overnights are free of some harsh chemicals, feature a wetness indicator and a breathable outer cover. The main difference appears to be the ‘extra-absorbent core’ for overnight protection, although I’m not sure what makes it extra absorbent.

They claim to offer up to 12 hours of protection and their reviews are slightly better – 3.9 on average out of 5. Less than half of users would recommend them, though, so it doesn’t look like they’re the best quality overnight diaper.

They’re available in sizes 3-6 and come in at a similar price to Up and Up’s regular variety: 17 cents per diaper for size 3, 20 cents for size 4, 23 cents for size 5, and 27 cents for size 6*. 

*Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

Up and Up Diapers Alternatives 

The best diapers for your baby and for the planet are those which use a significant percentage of plant-based materials.

It doesn’t look like Up & Up diapers fit this category, but it’s not too surprising considering the ultra-budget-friendly price. 

So how do Up & Up diapers compare to other grocery store brand and budget brand diapers? 

DiaperTarget Up & UpAmazon Mama Bear Gentle TouchCostco KirklandWalmart Parent’s ChoiceAldi Little JourneyLuvs
Free of chlorine?NoYesNoNoYesNo
Free of phthalates?NoYesNoNoYesNo
Free of fragrances and lotions?YesYesYesNoNoNo
Made with plant-based materials?NoNo20%NoNoNo
Approx price per diaper (size 3)$0.14$0.24$0.25$0.11$0.14$0.16

Of all the store and budget brand diapers, Up & Up fares okay. It’s good that they avoid some harsh chemicals but the lack on phthalates information is concerning. Walmart’s diapers are slightly cheaper, but they don’t avoid toxins like Up and Up diapers do. 

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If you’re looking for diapers that do a little more to protect the planet, there are some great alternatives. The best all-around diapers are biodegradable diapers. That means they can be broken back down into the soil, and some can even be composted at home. 

They tend to be a little more expensive, but if your budget can stretch to it, they’re more than worth it. Brands like Eco Pea and Dyper offer amazing plant-based and non-toxic diapers that are completely revolutionizing the market. Check out my full guide to the best biodegradable diapers for more info!

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Up & Up Target Diapers: The good and the bad

The Good

  • Free of fragrances
  • Free of lotions
  • Free of latex
  • Breathable outer cover
  • Wetness indicator
  • Contains vitamin E
  • And aloe 
  • Very budget-friendly

The Bad

  • No plant-based materials
  • Not biodegradable
  • They don’t offer a full ingredients list
  • The reviews aren’t great
  • Probably contain Phthalates

Are Up & Up diapers good? The Bottom Line

There’s no denying that Up & Up diapers are budget-friendly – one of the cheapest brands on the market, in fact! At 14 cents per diaper, if you’re watching your bank balance, you can’t go wrong. 

Of course, they don’t boast any eco-credentials, which is a huge shame, but not surprising. They do avoid some harsh chemicals like fragrances, lotions and latex, but not wording on phthalates. So I am assuming that they are used.

The reviews are very hit and miss, but if you’re a frequent Target shopper looking for a bank-balance-friendly diaper, it might be worth giving ‘em a go. And who doesn’t love a trip to Target?!

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