Proudly Diapers Review 2023: The diaper made for melanated skin

Proudly diapers are already making waves. The first brand to produce skincare and diaper care products for melanated skin, Proudly was founded by two superstars: actress Gabrielle Union and NBA star Dwayne Wade. 

They noticed a gap in the market for products designed specifically for black and brown skin, and now offer a range of products as part of the Proudly range, including diapers, wipes, and baby skincare. 

Let’s take a closer look at their diapers’ ingredients, eco-credentials and, ultimately, if they’re worth trying.

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Who makes Proudly diapers?

Proudly is a brand that was founded by Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union and NBA star Dwayne Wade. The stars explain on their site that Proudly was founded to care for and nourish melanated skin. 

The company produces a range of baby care products, including diapers, baby wash, baby lotion and baby wipes. 

Is Proudly diapers black-owned?

Yes! Proudly is owned by actress Gabrielle Union and basketball legend Dwayne Wade. Their daughter Kaavia inspired the creation of the brand Proudly, which offers products specifically designed to nourish black and brown skin. 

Their product range was created with the help of a dermatologist of color, who studied the best ingredients to care for melanated skin. 

Proudly diapers ingredients

Considering our little ones spend so much time in diapers, it’s important to know what’s in them. Proudly tells us exactly what’s in their diapers, including:

Topsheet & Backsheet – Polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester
The Absorbent Core – Sustainably-sourced and biodegradable wood pulp and SAP
Prints – Non-toxic ink

Any ingredients that begin with poly- are made of oil-derived plastic. The absorbent core of almost all diapers are made of wood pulp and SAP. What you should pay close attention is what the topsheep and backsheet of the diaper made of. Unfortunately, as we can see, there are no plant-based materials in those parts of Proudly diapers.

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Are Proudly Diapers non-toxic? 

Proudly diapers are free of:

  • Fragrances
  • Latex
  • Phthalates
  • Parabens
  • Elemental chlorine

It all sounds good, but why does it matter?

It’s great that Proudly diapers are free of fragrances. That’s because added scents aren’t regulated by the FDA, so brands can use the terms ‘scents’ and ‘fragrances’ to cover up a bunch of added chemicals. These chemicals could be irritants, allergens and carcinogens, so it’s much safer to stay away from them completely.

It’s also important to avoid phthalates. You’ll find these harsh chemicals in products like flooring, diapers and baby toys. Worryingly, a 2014 study highlighted that phthalate exposure could affect normal development by interfering with hormones.

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Where are Proudly diapers made?

Proudly tells us that their skincare products are made in the USA, and their wipes and diapers are made in China. 

Proudly Diapers size guide

Proudly diapers are available in sizes N through 6. 

Here’s a rundown of the sizes and suitable weights…


Proudly diapers are suitable for most stages of the diapering journey. If you’re looking for size 7 diapers, though, you might need to look elsewhere. 

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Proudly diapers price

On the Proudly website, each box of Proudly diapers will set you back 62 bucks. And that’s if you subscribe.

There are a different number of diapers in each box depending on the size, so let’s see what the cost looks like per diaper.

SizeWeightDiapers per deliveryCost per diaper
N<10lbs19232 cents
18-14lbs20430 cents
212-18lbs18633 cents
315-24lbs16837 cents 
422-34lbs14443 cents
527lbs+12649 cents
635lbs+12649 cents

*Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

Comparing the cost of Proudly to similar brands, it’s actually pretty good value. While they’re not as cheap as super budget-friendly brands like Luvs and Up & Up, they’re comparable to the cost of other non-toxic diapers like Hello Bello and Abby & Finn. 

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Proudly diapers reviews

Proudly diaper reviews aren’t great. In fact, over on Target’s site, they average just 3.3 out of 5 in over 370 reviews. The majority of negative reviews talk about leaks and the fact that the diapers don’t seem to be particularly absorbent. 

The positive reviews, on the other hand, say that they fit well, are soft and great for sensitive skin.

Where to buy Proudly Diapers? 

You can buy Proudly diapers on the Proudly website, where they offer a subscribe and save service. You can also buy Proudly diapers at Target.

Can white babies use Proudly diapers?

Proudly’s products were made with melanated-skin babies in mind, but any baby can wear them. 

Proudly diapers FAQ:

1. Are Proudly Diapers biodegradable?

Proudly diapers aren’t fully biodegradable, but there aren’t any 100% biodegradable diapers on the market right now. The brand tells us that the diaper’s super absorbent core is made with sustainably-sourced and biodegradable wood pulp. Overall, the diaper is 35% biodegradable.

It’s great that Proudly uses some plant-based materials. There are other diapers on the market that use a higher percentage of plant-based materials, like Ecoriginals (which use 90% biodegradable materials) and Andy Pandy (87%). But they’re a little more expensive on average than Proudly diapers.

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2. Are Proudly baby wipes any good?

Proudly wipes have pretty great reviews. They average 4.4 out of 5 in over 30 reviews, with users saying they’re soft and hydrating. They’re made with 96% water, along with shea butter and aloe. And they steer clear of parabens, alcohol, fragrances and phthalates, which is great news for sensitive skin. 

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3. Is Shea moisture good for babies?

Shea butter is considered safe for all skin types, even babies’ skin. Proudly’s wipes use shea butter and aloe in their wipes to keep them soft and fresh.

4. Who are melanated babies? 

Melanated skin is highly pigmented. The more melanin we have, the darker our skin. Melanated skin varies in tones and hues, and loses water faster than non-melanated skin.

Proudly Diapers Diapers Alternatives

There are no other brands on the market at the moment that target melanated skin specifically. But there are good-value brands that are chemical-free and use some biodegradable materials, just like Proudly. 

Freestyle diapers contain a whopping 88% biodegradable materials. With a soft and luxurious feel, these chemical-free diapers are a great alternative to Proudly diapers.

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Ecoriginals is another one of my favorite brands, with 90% biodegradable materials. And they’re not just eco-friendly – they’re super effective too. In fact, they’re 40% more absorbent than regular disposables. And they’re completely free of harsh chemicals too, of course.

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Proudly Diapers: The good, the Bad and The bottom line

The Good

  • Good value
  • 35% biodegradable materials
  • The only brand that makes products specifically for melanated skin
  • Free of phthalates
  • Free of fragrances

The Bad

  • Some reviews aren’t great

Conclusion: Are proudly diapers good?

It’s great that Proudly has filled a big gap in the market. Their skincare and other products are designed with melanated skin in mind. And while the skincare range has great reviews, reviews for Proudly diapers are a little more mixed. 

Many reviewers say that they’re not the most absorbent diapers, although it’s undoubtedly great that they’re non-toxic and use some plant-based materials – 35% in total. 

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But there are other diapers on the market that use a higher percentage of biodegradable materials as well as steering clear of toxic chemicals like phthalates and fragrances. 

Ecoriginals, Freestyle and Andy Pandy diapers are some of my favorites, and all have better reviews. But, while the brand might have some work to do to improve their diapers’ absorbency, it looks like Proudly’s skincare and wipes are certainly worth a try. 

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