Size 7 overnight diapers: do they exist?

Most overnight diapers run through to size 6… which isn’t helpful for parents of bigger babies! So what do you do when your baby or toddler has outgrown the max size of diapers, and isn’t potty trained? 

The majority of size 6 overnight diapers are suitable for little ones who weigh 35lbs+. But it’s not necessarily the case that a 35lb child will fit in size 6. If you’re experiencing leaks in size 6, they look tight or they look uncomfortable, it might be time to look for size 7s. 

Luckily, some brands have got our back, offering size 7 overnight diapers for bigger babies and older toddlers. 

But what are our options if your baby needs protection overnight and they no longer fit in size 6? And which is the best? Let’s take a look!

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Who makes size 7 overnight diapers?

Most diaper companies stop at size 6 when it comes to overnight diapers, which makes it tricky if your little one has outgrown that size! While a bunch of companies make regular size 7 diapers, hardly any make size 7 diapers specifically for overnights. 

Here are the companies that make regular size 7 diapers:

  • Cuties
  • Huggies Little Movers
  • Pampers Swaddlers
  • Pampers Cruisers 360
  • Pampers Cruisers
  • Mama Bear Gentle Touch
  • Mama Bear Plush Protection
  • Luvs
  • Sleepy
  • Honest
  • Earth & Eden
  • Parents Choice
  • Members Mark
  • Comfees
  • Comforts by Kroger

But when it comes to overnight size 7 diapers, the list is a lot smaller!

In fact, only Pampers Swaddlers Overnights and Huggies Overnights go up to size 7. 


Best size 7 overnight diapers

Walmart Parents Choice size 7 overnight diapers

Walmart Parent’s Choice Overnight diapers run through to size 6 only. For bigger babies they offer Parent’s Choice Nighttime Underwear. They are sized S/M (38-65 lbs.) and L-XL (60-125 lbs.)

Honest overnight diapers size 7

Honest Overnight diapers are a popular choice for parents and carers, but they only run through to size 6, and not size 7.

Costco overnight diapers size 7

Costco’s sell Kirkland diapers that only run through to size 6, and not size 7. They do not have any overnight diapers under Kirkland name.

Pampers Swaddlers overnights size 7

Pampers Swaddlers Overnights are one of the only diaper varieties specifically for overnights that run up to size 7. But are they any good?

Features: Pampers Swaddlers Overnights feature 50% more absorbent zones versus regular diapers. To help keep your little one extra protected overnight, they also feature a blowout barrier, dual leakguard barriers and a breathable liner. 

All of that really just means that they’re designed to fit well where it matters – around the waist and the legs.

Ingredients: It might not be something you’ve considered before, but it’s super important to know what’s in diapers, as well as what’s not in them.

Many diaper companies load their products with potentially harmful toxins, and most make no effort to use plant-based materials. Considering we throw away billions of diapers every year in the US alone, it’s an issue that companies need to start tackling… now. 

So what about Pampers Swaddlers Overnights?

The brand provides a full list of materials used in their underwear:

Topsheet – Polypropylene and polyethylene nonwoven
Acquisition layer – Polyester
Backsheet – Polypropylene and polyethylene
The absorbent core – Fluff pulp and SAP
Colors – Inks, used for the designs
Lotion – Petrolatum, stearyl alcohol and aloe barbadensis leaf extract
Scent – Light fragrance

All the ingredients that begin with ‘poly-’ are some form of plastic, so it’s clear that the majority of a Swaddlers Overnights diaper is made with plastic. It’s also such a shame that they have added scents. 

Free from: You’ll find added scents and fragrances in everything from diapers and bedwetting underwear to baby wipes and make-up. And what’s the problem with that?

The terms ‘fragrances’ and ‘scents’ aren’t regulated by the FDA, which means they can be used however the brands want to. They’re often used to hide a bunch of chemicals that are no good for little ones’ sensitive skin, and could be irritants, allergens and carcinogens. Suffice to say, avoid them if you can!

The other important chemical to avoid is phthalates. These strange-sounding chemicals are used in everyday products like diapers, flooring and even baby toys. And a 2014 study highlights why we should steer clear – it found that phthalate exposure could ‘perturb normal development’ because phthalates can easily interfere with hormones

So unless a brand explicitly tells us that they avoid fragrances and phthalates, it’s much safer to assume they’re used. We already know that Pampers Swaddlers Overnights use fragrances. And they don’t mention phthalates, so I assume they’re used.  

Huggies size 7 overnight diapers

Features: Huggies Overnight diapers are the number 1 selling overnight diaper. They feature a DryTouch liner that absorbs moisture quickly to keep your little one dry. 

They also feature Double Grip Strips for a secure fit and wetness indicator to let you know when your little one needs to be changed. 

Ingredients: Huggies offers a full list of ingredients in their Overnight diapers:

Topsheet – Polypropylene
Backsheet – Polypropylene, polyethylene
The absorbent core – Wood pulp and SAP
Printing inks – for the designs

Like with Pampers Swaddlers Overnights, it’s clear that the majority of Huggies Overnights are made with plastic.

Free from: Huggies Overnights are free of fragrances, lotions, parabens, natural rubber latex and elemental chlorine. But there’s no word on phthalates, so I have to assume they’re used.

Target overnight diapers size 7

Target’s Up & Up  overnight diapers run through to size 6, and not size 7. For bigger babies they offer Up & Up Nightime Underwear.

Other ways to increase a diaper’s absorbency

Are there other ways to increase absorbency without buying overnight diapers? 

  • Sposie

You should definitely consider Sposie’s booster pads for extra absorbency overnight. These chemical-free booster pads fit into diapers, bedwetting underwear and regular cotton underwear, removing the need for overnight diapers. In fact, the brand claims that its pads can double the absorbency of kids’ or adult diapers. 

They’re free of harsh chemicals like phthalates, chlorine and fragrances, which is great news for skin, especially sensitive skin.

  • Super Sposie

Super Spoosie pads are, essentially, bigger Sposie pads. They were made for children and young adults with incontinence issues and active bladders. These 50% larger pads can double the absorbency of both kids’ and adult diapers.

Do diapers come in size 8?

Most diapers run through to size 6. Some go up to size 7, but not size 8.

If you need diapers that are bigger than size 7, you have options! The best thing to do is to try a bedwetting pant, like Goodnites, Ninjamas or Bambo Nature training pants. 

Ninjamas: Ninjamas is one of the bestselling bedtime underwear brands. They feature LockAway channels to absorb wetness quickly, keeping your little one dry and protected overnight. They also have OdorMask Technology and a discreet design, so children can feel confident wearing them out of the home too.

While they steer clear of parabens and latex, they contain fragrances and probably contain phthalates.

Ninjamas are available in size S/M (38-70lbs) and L (64-95lbs), so they’re a good alternative if you’re looking for diapers bigger than size 7.

Goodnites: One of the best things about Goodnites underwear is that it’s available in a large range of sizes. They’re suitable for those who weigh up to 140lbs, so they’ll fit some young adults and even some adults.

Impressively, their underwear holds the equivalent of 2 bottles of water, and they’re widely available, just like Ninjamas.

Goodnites underwear steers clear of fragrances, which is great news for the skin.

Bambo Nature: I love Bambo Nature’s Night Pants. They’re a brilliant alternative to both Ninjamas and Goodnites, as they’re free of chemicals and they boast eco-credentials. In fact, the brand explains that 85.4% of the waste from their production facility in Denmark was recycled in 2019. 

This eco-friendly brand makes bedwetting underwear in two sizes: age 4-7 (33-77lbs) and age 8-15 (77-110lbs), and they also offer pants designed specifically for boys and girls.

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Conclusion: do they make size 7 overnight diapers?

While most overnight diapers run through to size 6, some brands have got our backs with bigger sizes. 

Pampers Swaddlers Overnights and Huggies Overnights are two of the only brands offering overnight diapers up to size 7. And whilethey’re both undoubtedly effective, Pampers Swaddlers Overnights contain fragrances, which are terrible for the skin. And neither Pampers nor Huggies are free of phthalates, which is also a concern. 

One of the best alternatives to these brands is Bambo Nature. 

Available in two sizes: age 4-7 (33-77lbs) and age 8-15 (77-110lbs) – this eco-friendlier brand is discreet, comfortable and free of chemicals. 

It’s a great alternative to overnight diapers, and a perfect solution for bigger or older toddlers!

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