Why You Should Avoid Fragranced Diapers And The Best Unscented Diapers On The Market

Scented diapers. Seems like a great idea, right? Anything to cover up the unmistakable smell of a poop explosion is surely a good thing…

While added fragrances in diapers appear pretty standard on the surface, look deeper and you’ll find a whole host of problems that come with scented diapers. The main issue being that the terms ‘fragranced’ and ‘scented’ aren’t actually regulated by the FDA, so diaper companies are under no obligation to tell parents and carers what’s really lurking in their products. These hidden chemicals are potentially pretty harmful to your baby’s health and to their skin. 

And, when you actually think about it, they’re not gonna smell nice for too long before… well, you know. So is it time we ditched the fragranced diapers and chose unscented instead?

Here’s everything you need to know about scented and unscented diapers, along with my top picks for chemical-free products.

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Do diapers have a fragrance?

In your quest to find the best diapers for your baby, chances are you’ve stumbled across those which have a pretty strong smell. Pampers seem to be one of these brands, with some parents stating that they can smell their added fragrances before even opening the box. Their Swaddlers variety, along with many others, has added fragrances, along with added lotions and dyes. Added fragrances with diapers are loved by some and hated by others, but there’s something important to consider when buying scented diapers: they might not be as harmless as you think…

Fragrance-free vs. Perfume-free: Is there a difference? 

Diaper brands which steer clear of added fragrances and scents might label themselves ‘fragrance-free’ or they might use ‘perfume-free’, but is there a difference between the terms? ‘Fragrance’ and ‘perfume’ are one in the same, and given that diaper companies don’t have to disclose what exactly those fragrances or perfumes are, it looks like they are pretty much the same thing. 

In theory, if a diaper pack says it’s fragrance or perfume free, it shouldn’t have any added scents that could be harmful, either to your nose, or to your baby’s health. Lack of transparency with diaper companies is a huge issue though, so if you want to know exactly what goes into your chosen diapers, it’s definitely worth emailing the company. Perhaps the more we ask, the more likely brands are to be super clear when listing their ingredients!

Are scented diapers bad for babies? 

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather breathe in the beautiful smell of baked cinnamon rolls than that of a freshly baked poop explosion, but, unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world. Even diapers that are heavily scented are no match for the stuff our babies and toddlers whip up for us a few times a day. Such little darlings… 

So, really, is there much point in companies adding fragrances to products which are literally made to be pooped in? Not really. Having said that, if a brand did launch a cinnamon-roll-scented diaper, I might have to reconsider…

And it’s not just that fragrances are unnecessary, they’re potentially harmful too. The FDA doesn’t regulate the use of ‘fragranced’ to describe diapers, so companies don’t have to tell us exactly what they use, and often utilize the term to hide a bunch of added chemicals. Brands could be using hundreds of chemicals to make their ‘fragrances’, some of which could be allergens, irritants, and carcinogens, and getting away with it. These allergens and irritants could cause diaper rashes, skin rashes, and even respiratory problems

Ultimately, our babies’ skin is delicate and pure. We put diapers on our little ones every day for their first years, so we need to make sure that what goes into those diapers is safe. There’s a reason why scent-free brands shout about their lack of added fragrances; it’s best for your baby.

Are all fragrance-free diapers healthy for my baby?

It would certainly be nice to pick up any fragrance-free diapers and know that you’re buying the best for your little one. While fragrance-free diapers are a great step in the right direction, scents are just one of a list of potential toxins we should try to avoid in diapers if we can. These include added lotions, dyes and inks, phthalates, and chlorine. Added lotions have the potential to irritate the skin, as do dyes, which are often made with heavy metals. Phthalates are nasty chemicals used to soften plastics and are linked to the increased risk of asthma in children and even abnormal genital development, while chlorine – used for making diapers more absorbent – is terrible for the environment. And there are much more environmentally-friendly ways of doing this, which is why some amazing eco-conscious companies can completely avoid chlorine.

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Scented Diapers List:

1. Pampers Diapers

While some diaper brands will add fragrances and scents without telling us about it, Pampers are pretty open when it comes to their fragrance use. In fact, you’ll find it in all of Pampers’ diaper varieties, apart from Pure Protection. Given that Pure Protection diapers aim to be eco and skin-friendly, it’s pretty obvious why they shun added fragrances; they can be harmful to the skin! So that raises the question, why add scents to the rest of their diapers?

You probably already know that Pampers produce a wide variety of diapers for the different diaper-wearing stages. Great, except that all but Pure Protection have these added fragrances, and Pampers decide not to disclose which chemicals go into making their fragrances.

Age, Stages, and PurposesPampers VarietyAdded Fragrances?
Active infants and toddlersCruisersYes
Older infantsBaby DryYes
Potty training Easy UpsYes
OvernightsSwaddlers OvernightsYes
Eco-friendly (sort of)Pure ProtectionNo
Sensitive SkinSwaddlers SensitiveYes

It’s a little worrying that Pampers choose not to add scents to the diaper they’re marketing as eco-friendly and hypoallergenic (suitable for little ones with sensitive skin), but they’re happy to use it in every other variety. They’re essentially admitting that fragrances aren’t always good for babies’ skin, without actually saying it. 

Again, given that the term can cover up a whole host of chemicals in diapers, it’s best to steer clear of those which include it. And what about if your diapers don’t explicitly state that they’re fragrance, scent or perfume-free? It’s best to assume that they have added fragrances.

Pampers also use a ‘skin-protecting lotion’ in their diapers, the name of which is a little misleading. Lotions used in everyday products like diapers and cosmetics can contain carcinogens, which have been linked to health conditions as serious as cancer. Suffice to say, it’s best avoided!

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2. Luvs Diapers

Although Luvs doesn’t state clearly that they use added fragrances, I assume that they do. Firstly, because being fragrance-free is certainly something to shout about, and, secondly, because so many users discuss the strange smell coming from their diapers and the packaging! It’s such a big issue that Luvs have a section about this smell on their website. They state that the smell may be caused by the manufacturing process, or as a result of the diapers being stored next to something else with an odor. This seems very strange, Luvs. 

If that wasn’t enough to put you off, Luvs don’t talk of being free of any of the major toxins. So, while they might be cheap, they’re certainly not winning any health awards.

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Unscented diapers list

(in alphabetical order)

Pampers and Luvs don’t fare great on the whole keeping-chemicals-out-of-their-diapers thing, but there are so many brands on the market that do, with new ones popping up all the time. Things are changing, people!

Here are my top picks for diapers that steer clear of added fragrances. That’s not to say that they don’t have a distinct smell, of course; some contain other toxins that may have an odor, and some seem to acquire scents as a result of the manufacturing process. But, they don’t add any specifically.



Abby & Finn are a great fragrance-free, eco-friendly diaper choice, and are actually one of the more budget-friendly eco diaper brands on the market. Again, I can’t find anything that suggests they have a smell as a result of the manufacturing process.

Do Abby & Finn diapers contain other toxins?

Abby & Finn are proud of the fact that they steer clear of all toxins, and they’re made with wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. They’re not biodegradable like some other eco-friendly diapers, but they’re a good fragrance-free choice. Plus, they offer a subscription service so you can get your diapers delivered straight to your door. 

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Aleva Naturals Diapers


With a name like Aleva Naturals, it’s no surprise that this diaper brand is fragrance-free. These biodegradable bamboo diapers don’t seem to have a ‘smell’, which also isn’t a surprise, considering they’re eco-friendly.

Do Aleva Naturals diapers contain other toxins?

These super earth-friendly offerings are certified vegan and completely free of chlorine. While they don’t specify individual toxins, they do state that they’re completely toxin and harsh chemical-free, while being ultra-soft. I like!

Andy Pandy Diapers


Andy Pandy diapers are pretty awesome. They’re biodegradable, fragrance-free and they offer a subscription service for diapers to your door. There’s no mention of strange smells, either.

Do Andy Pandy Diapers contain other toxins?

Nope. In fact, Andy Pandy certainly wins gold when it comes to eco-friendly, skin-friendly, toxin-free diaper offerings, and are one of my favorite brands on the market.

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Babyganics Diapers


While Babyganics diapers don’t have any added fragrances, some users have reported a perfume smell when the pack of diapers is opened. They add a seed oil blend, which could be the source of the scent. 

Do Babyganics Diapers have any other toxins?

Babyganics shout about the fact that they’re free of chlorine, fragrances, dyes, and lotions, but they don’t say anything about phthalates. They’re made from wood fluff, but they’re not biodegradable like some other brands.

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Bambo Nature Diapers


Completely free of added scents, Bambo Nature is another popular choice in the world of eco-friendly diapers. Rather than reports of a strange manufacturing smell, reviewers point out that the lack of chemicals results in a better smell experience, even post poop. Impressive!

Do Bambo Nature Diapers contain other toxins?

They most certainly do not! In fact, Bambo Nature diapers are made from sustainable bamboo, and steer clear of toxins, while also carrying the Nordic Swan Eco Label. This label certifies a brand’s efforts to care for the environment and produce skin-healthy products. 

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CVS Health Diapers


CVS’s own brand of diapers happen to be fragrance-free, and there isn’t much information about strange or unwanted scents that come from manufacturing, so we’re good to go!

Do they contain any other toxins?

They might be fragrance-free, but when it comes to avoiding toxins, that’s where the buck stops. While they offer up to 12 hours of protection and claim that they’re super soft, CVS don’t provide any information on chlorine, phthalates, lotions, or dyes.

Dyper Diapers


Dyper diapers, as well as possibly having the best brand name ever, are free of added fragrances. In fact, there are not many boxes they don’t tick. There aren’t any reports of a strange smell from manufacturing, either.

Do they contain other toxins?

Made from soft and sustainable bamboo, Dyper diapers don’t contain any fragrances, lotions, dyes, phthalates, or chlorine. And they don’t stop there. Dyper packs their products in biodegradable bags, the diapers themselves can be composted and the company purchases carbon offsets with each delivery in order to support reforestation. The Greta Thunberg of the diaper world, if you will…

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Earth & Eden Diapers


Earth & Eden are, shockingly, another fab earth-friendly diaper pick. Completely free of added fragrances, they’re known for their quality and there aren’t any reports of strange smells. 

Do Earth & Eden diapers contain other toxins?

Heck no. Earth & Eden steer clear of all the nasties that could potentially harm your little one’s skin. Not only that but they’re certified cruelty-free, they use water-based inks rather than those containing heavy metals and are made in a zero waste to landfill facility. They’re really showing the rest of the diaper world how it’s done!

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Earth’s Best Diapers


You’d be forgiven for expecting Earth’s Best diapers to be the cream of the eco-friendly diaper crop. Unfortunately, they don’t quite live up to expectations, although they are fragrance-free. I can’t see anything to suggest that they have a strange smell, so that’s a positive. 

Do Earth’s Best diapers contain any other toxins?

Earth’s Best diapers are free of fragrances, lotions, dyes, and chlorine and they’re made from wheat and corn starch predominantly. But they don’t make their use of phthalates clear – which suggests that they are indeed used – and reviews are pretty mixed. 

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Eco by Naty Diapers


Eco by Naty diapers are a pretty popular plant-based product – one of the most popular ‘eco-friendly’ brands on the market, in fact. They’re completely free of added scents and fragrances, although users have talked about strange smells despite this. Naty diapers even have an article on their site about this, and they say that the strong smell of the diaper or its packaging ‘could be the smell of glue’. The brand explains that this smell sometimes lingers because their packaging process is so quick, but they highlight that this glue shouldn’t have touched the diaper in any way. Let’s hope not!

Do Eco by Naty diapers contain other toxins?

Naty diapers are free of added fragrances, chlorine, phthalates, lotions, and dyes, so apart from the potential glue smell, they fare well in the non-toxic stakes! Despite using plant-based ingredients predominantly, their diapers can’t be composted like some similar brands.

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Eco Pea Diapers


Eco Pea diapers are completely free of added fragrances (or secret chemicals, you might say), and the reviews don’t mention any smells.

Do Eco Pea Diapers contain other toxins?

If there’s one thing Eco Pea diapers enjoy, it’s shunning a toxin. You won’t find any nasties anywhere near these epic diapers, which happen also to be vegan and cruelty-free. Oh, and they’re biodegradable. And their packaging is biodegradable. And their delivery process is carbon neutral. Are you sold yet?

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Honest Diapers


Founded by Jessica Alba, Honest diapers have a bit of a cult following. They don’t add any scents or fragrances, and I can’t find any reports of strange smells. 

Do Honest diapers contain other toxins?

Honest diapers aren’t able to be composted like some similar brands are, but they do avoid fragrances, chlorine, phthalates and lotions. Plus, they use plant-based inks for their diaper designs, which are well known for being super cute.

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Huggies Diapers

(all Huggies brands including Little Snugglers, Snug & Dry and Little Movers)


Surprisingly, all of Huggies diaper varieties are (added) fragrance-free, including their hugely popular Little Snugglers, Little Movers, and Snug & Dry. Given that Pampers rely on it so heavily, I expected Huggies to use the same. But luckily, Huggies choose to shun added scents to their products, although some parents and carers say that they’ve noticed a chemical smell, even before the box of diapers is opened. This isn’t too surprising given the smorgasbord of other toxins they use. 

Do Huggies diapers contain other toxins?

Don’t be fooled by Huggies’ fragrance-free labels. It’s great that they don’t add scents, but they do add a bunch of other toxins, which aren’t healthy for our little ones or for the environment. Huggies don’t say anything about their use of phthalates or lotions, and they definitely add inks. They’re also not completely free of chlorine. 

Compared to other brands, which shun many of these toxins, Huggies aren’t faring so well in the skin health stakes.

Mama Bear Diapers (Amazon brand)

A pack pf Plush Protection and a pack of Gently Touch diapers by Mama Bear

Fragrances and scents

If you’re looking for fragrance-free diapers on a budget, you’ve come to the right place! Amazon’s own brand of diapers – Mama Bear – is completely free of fragrances and starts at about 20 cents per diaper. It doesn’t look like there’s a noticeable scent from the manufacturing process either.

Do Mama Bear diapers contain other toxins?

For a budget diaper, Amazon’s Mama Bear diapers are actually pretty impressive when it comes to their lack of toxins. Well, a particular variety of Mama Bear diapers is, at least. Their regular diapers steer clear of fragrances, elemental chlorine (which isn’t quite as good as being totally chlorine-free), and latex, while their Gentle Touch variety goes a step further, and completely shuns chlorine bleaching, perfumes, lotions, and phthalates. The only thing it’s let down by is its use of dyes, but, again, for a budget diaper, this is pretty impressive!

Pampers Pure Protection Diapers


So we already know that all Pampers’ varieties apart from Pure Protection contain added fragrances. This plant-based variety likes to shout about the fact that they’re fragrance-free, which, again, does make me wonder why they bother adding it to all of their others! 

I can’t see anything to suggest that Pampers Pure Protection has a fragrance created by the manufacturing process, so it looks like they’re a pretty good choice in terms of scent-free diapers. On the surface, at least…

Do Pampers Pure Protection contain other toxins?

While Pure Protection diapers shun fragrances, Pampers aren’t completely transparent when it comes to the other toxins that may be lurking in their seemingly skin-healthy diaper variety. They’re loud and proud about the fact that Pure Protection diapers don’t use any chlorine bleaching, which is fantastic news for the environment, but there’s no word on phthalates or lotions, and this variety still contains dyes. It doesn’t say anywhere that these are completely free of heavy metals, either. 

Pampers Pure Protection diapers may be free of added fragrances, but they’re certainly not as pure as they seem.

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Parasol Co Diapers


Parasol diapers are completely free of added fragrances, and I can’t see anything to suggest they have a strange or perfume-like smell from the manufacturing process.

Do Parasol Co diapers contain other toxins?

These eco-friendly diapers steer clear of phthalates (hallelujah!), fragrances, lotions, dyes and chlorine, and are good for sensitive skin. They have great reviews from users and are super soft. 

Parent’s Choice (Walmart brand)


Walmart’s very own offering, Parent’s Choice diapers, are proudly perfume-free, and I can’t see any reports of strange chemical smells – bonus!

Do Parent’s Choice diapers contain other toxins?

They’re fragrance-free, but not very clear about much else. In fact, Walmart doesn’t make its use of phthalates, lotions or dyes clear at all, so I assume they’re all used. One positive is that they completely shun chlorine bleaching. Two down, three toxins to go! Literally…

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Seventh Generation Diapers


Seventh Generation is certainly one of the better-known fragrance-free diaper brands. Unlike some eco-friendly(er) brands that are only available online, you’ll probably find Seventh Generation products in most grocery stores alongside the big brands like Pampers and Huggies. While it’s great that they’re so readily available, some parents and carers report a similar ‘strange’ chemical smell with Seventh Generation.

Do Seventh Generation diapers contain other toxins?

Made with wood pulp, Seventh Generation diapers are free of fragrances and lotions, but they don’t make their phthalate use clear. Again, I’m assuming they’re used!

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Up & Up Diapers (Target brand)


Target’s own brand of diapers, Up & Up, are, surprisingly, free of added fragrances. I’ve found a few comments discussing a strange smell coming from the diapers when the pack’s opened, but it doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue.

Do they contain any other toxins?

It’s great that Target diapers stay away from lotions and fragrances, but when it comes to inks, chlorine, and phthalates, they’re a little hazy with information. As always, unless a brand tells me clearly that a toxin isn’t used, I have to assume that it is!

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Frequently Asked Questions about best fragrance-free diapers:

1. Are Pampers Swaddlers scented?

Considering that Pampers Swaddlers are supposed to be pretty good for newborns, it’s surprising that they are indeed scented. ‘The number 1 choice’ for hospitals and parents in the US, their blankie softness, and umbilical cord notch on the smaller sizes make them popular with smaller babies. Well, the parents of smaller babies, at least. 

But all Pampers’ varieties apart from Pure Protection have added fragrances, and Pampers isn’t particularly clear about what this is actually made of. Considering the terms ‘fragrance’, ‘scent’ and ‘perfume’ can be used in the diaper ingredients list to cover a whole host of chemicals, they’re best avoided if possible, especially when there are so many awesome fragrance-free alternatives!

2. Are Pampers Diapers Fragrance-Free?

All Pampers’ varieties apart from their Pure Protection diapers are scented. Their Pure Protection variety is marketed as a great choice for little ones with sensitive skin, and as a more eco-friendly alternative, which is why fragrances are shunned in this particular product. The strange thing is, that’s kind of an acknowledgment that added scents aren’t the healthiest for your baby, so I’m not sure why Pampers continues to use them in their other diapers. Sort it out, Pampers!

3. What are the best diapers for the environment?

Eco-friendly diapers are certainly increasing in popularity and for good reason. It can take hundreds of years for diapers to decompose, and when you think that 20 billion diapers end up in landfills every year, the need to take action when it comes to eco-friendly diapering is pretty obvious. 

When looking for the best diapers for the environment, there are a few things to consider. The first of those is a brand’s use of chlorine. Swimming pools probably spring to mind when you think of this chemical, where it’s used to kill bacteria. And in diapers? It’s used to make them more absorbent. Great, except that there are much more environmentally-friendly ways of doing this, which many eco-conscious companies use. So, ultimately, chlorine’s completely unnecessary.

Because the use of chlorine is pretty awful for the environment, some brands avoid it, like Ecoriginals, Andy Pandy and Dyper. Other brands use elemental chlorine. This process is a little better for the environment, but, ideally, we want to look for totally chlorine-free diapers. 

The second thing to consider is a diaper’s main ingredient. You’ll find some petroleum-based plastics in most diaper brands, eco-friendly or not, but the best ones for the world around us are those made predominantly with plant-based materials, like wood fluff used in Babyganics diapers, wheat and corn starch used in Earth’s Best diapers and bamboo used in Andy Pandy diapers. These materials are much more sustainable, and break down much more easily than plastics.

Finally, whether a diaper can be composted is another question when it comes to eco-friendly diapers. Many earth-friendly diapers are biodegradable and can be disposed of either in a compost bin at home or using a professional composting service. Brands like Dyper will even take away your dirty diapers (not the poopy ones though!) and process them for you. 

Read everything you need to know about biodegradable and non-toxic diapers in my roundups!

4. Are Huggies diapers unscented?

All of Huggies’ diaper varieties are added fragrance-free. This certainly makes a nice change to Pampers! Having said that, some users of Huggies diapers do report a smell when opening the packaging, which perhaps comes from the manufacturing process. Plus, Huggies doesn’t make their use of phthalates clear, which tells me that they probably are used. Ultimately, there are certainly better fragrance-free diapers out there!

5. Are Target diapers fragrance-free?

Target’s own brand diapers, Up & Up, are indeed fragrance-free. But they’re not necessarily free of lotions, chlorine, phthalates, or heavy metal-based inks, so I think there are better fragrance-free options.

6. Are Luvs diapers scented?

Luvs doesn’t talk of being added fragrance-free and, considering the number of users who report a strange smell, it’s pretty clear that they are used! In fact, it’s such a big issue that there’s a section about the odor on their FAQ page.

The brand states that this smell may be the result of the manufacturing process, or there might be a smell if you’ve stored the diapers next to something else odorous. I don’t know about you, but I find the idea of diapers taking on the smell of another product pretty weird, and I wonder what it is about the manufacturing process that might cause this smell. Luvs needs to elaborate!

7. Are Pampers Baby-dry diapers scented?

Pampers Baby Dry diapers have added fragrances, and lots of users report this smell being particularly strong. It’s best avoided if possible!

8. Are Pampers cruisers scented?

Pampers Cruisers, like every Pampers variety apart from their Pure Protection diapers, contain added scents. 

9. Are Pampers Pure Protection Scented?

Pampers Pure Protection diapers are the only Pampers variety that is free of fragrances. They make a big deal of this and say that this diaper is the best in terms of skin health, which makes me question why they add fragrances and scents to literally every other variety. 

10. Which are the best diapers?

The best diapers are those that work – ie. keep those poop explosions at bay – and which are skin and eco friendly. While the big hitters like Pampers and Huggies are popular for a reason (they’re effective!), they’re not the best choices when it comes to looking after your baby’s skin and for the environment. 

Look for diaper brands that steer clear of the main toxins: phthalates, chlorine, fragrances, lotions, and heavy metal dyes. And if they’re made from a sustainable plant-based ingredient like bamboo, even better! The ultimate gold winners are those which are completely toxin-free, made predominantly from a natural resource, and are biodegradable, like Dyper diapers. Dyper even purchases carbon offsets with every delivery and will take your dirty diapers away for you to process them in an eco-friendly way. 

11. Are Natural Diapers worth it?

The term ‘natural’ can cover a big base. Essentially, the fewer toxins and the more plant-based ingredients you find in a diaper, the better it is for your baby and for the planet. They still have to be effective at keeping in the pee and poop, of course, otherwise you’re in for a very stressful 2 or 3 years indeed! But with so many eco-friendly, natural and organic diapers on the market now, you’re sure to find a brand that suits your baby and your budget. 

Considering how terrible plastics and chlorine are for the planet, and how added nasties like fragrances and phthalates can cause harm to the health of your little one, I’d say it’s absolutely worth looking at ‘natural’ diapers. From budget-friendly, phthalate-free Mama Bear Gentle Touch diapers to 5-star biodegradable Dyper diapers, check out my top biodegradable and non-toxic picks to find the perfect product for your baby. 

12. What are the cheapest diapers?

One of the most important factors when deciding on the right diapers for you and your baby is cost. Diaper prices vary wildly, from a super budget-friendly 16-20 cents per diaper to 80 cents plus. It’s certainly true that natural, organic, or biodegradable diapers tend to cost a little more; considering it costs much more to produce them, this isn’t a big surprise. But there are actually some really affordable diapers that look after your baby’s skin, as well as the world around us. 

Amazon’s Mama Bear Gentle Touch diapers are not only budget-friendly, at around 20 cents per diaper, but they’re taking steps to minimize their impact on the environment, too. They’re made predominantly from plastics rather than plant-based materials, but they’re free from the main toxins like phthalates and fragrances, not tested on animals and they’re even produced in a zero waste to a landfill site. Not bad for a budget diaper!

If you’re looking for a diaper that goes even further, check out Abby & Finn, who offer a subscription service for healthy diapers straight to your door. They’re free from the main toxins and made with totally chlorine-free wood fluff from sustainably managed forests. And all for 50 bucks a month, which is actually a great price for such an eco-friendly pick. Plus, if that wasn’t enough, they donate 30 diapers to families in need with every box purchased. Some of these diaper companies are just bragging now.


Who knew that fragrances were so scary? It might be time to look for a fragrance-free diaper for your little one. Diaper brands don’t have to tell us what exactly goes into their added scents, which leaves room for the addition of a bunch of nasty chemicals, without us even knowing about it. 

It’s clear that some brands haven’t yet got the memo about fragrance-free, but there are so many brands that have, from budget-friendly toxin-free diapers to super earth-saving biodegradable diapers. Scent-free diapers are available for all babies on every budget. We just need some of the big brands to catch up and make every diaper choice a safe choice for our little ones’ skin. We can deal with the smell of poop. We’re pretty used to it, after all. 

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