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What are the best pull-up diapers for potty training?

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When your little one is ready for potty training, pull-ups are your friend, which you’ll definitely need because you won’t leave the confines of the bathroom for a year or so while you watch, hope, and pray for your baby to finally use the toilet. Goodbye, real-life relationships!

But seriously, potty training can be an exciting stage for you and your family; you just need the right pull-ups to help your toddler master this ancient art. And patience in abundance, obviously.

So when you’re ready to transition from diapers to potty training pants, what should you look for? Like diapers, not all potty training pants are made equal. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly, budget-friendly, or skin-friendly pull-ups, let’s take a closer look at the best pull-up diapers for potty training. 

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Pull-Up Brands Reviewed

Pull-ups vs training pants: what’s the difference?

Pull-ups and training pants are similar, but they have slight differences. While pull-ups are essentially less absorbent diapers, training pants are, effectively, absorbent underwear. They tend to be softer and they usually come in all sorts of different designs that will appeal to your toddler.

Because pull-ups are generally more absorbent than training pants, you might want to consider using pull-ups at the beginning of your potty training journey, when ‘going’ in the bathroom is completely new to your little one (and probably something they’re reluctant to do!). Some parents find that their little ones don’t notice the differences between diapers and pull-ups though, which might slow down the whole process. This is because your baby can’t make the distinction between diapers (for peeing and pooping into their heart’s content) and pull-ups, for accidents only.

Should I use pull-ups while potty training?

Pull-ups are a great start for your toddler when they’re learning to go potty. They’re easy enough for them to pull up (hence the name) and down when they need to use the toilet, and flexible enough for exploring. 

While the choice between pull-ups and training pants is every parent’s own, I’ve always used pull-ups with my little ones when I’ve potty trained them. Some parents argue that they’re too similar to diapers for toddlers to understand that they’re for accidents only. But they’re not as absorbent as diapers, so your baby should be encouraged to use the toilet instead – they won’t be anywhere near as comfortable in them when they’re wet! 

When they’re a little further along in their using-the-bathroom abilities, I then introduce training pants. But we’ll take a closer look at what’s available both in terms of pull-ups and training pants.

So what should we be looking for when choosing the best pull ups for your toddler?

What to look for choosing a pull-up diaper or training pant

What they’re made of

It’s just as important to know what goes in and what stays out of pull-ups when it comes to ingredients as it is with diapers. While most are made of petroleum-based plastics, you will find some plant-based, chlorine-free, eco-friendly alternatives, which tend to be gentler on your toddler’s skin, too. 

The same ingredients you might find in toxic diapers, like phthalates and fragrances, should also be avoided in pull-ups if possible. 


Certain pull-ups and training pants will feature extra bits and pieces like wetness indicators and size indicators. But beware of clever marketing ploys. Lots of companies use fancy-sounding words to describe elements of pull-ups that are found in every single one, like ‘extra absorb channels’ and ‘easy tear sides’. 


The sizing of pull ups and training pants is usually different to the sizing of regular diapers. Whereas regular diapers use a single number (usually 1 through 6 or 7), pull ups and training pants often use sizes 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T. It looks like the ‘T’ stands for toddler, and is a way to differentiate between regular diapers and potty training pants.

Most pull up brands offer sizes 2T-3T, 3T-4T, and 4T-5T, but others will simply use Small, Medium, and Large. Always check the recommended weight to find out which size you need for your toddler. 


Some pull-ups are pretty expensive, so it’s worth comparing prices, especially if you’re on a budget. Working out the price per diaper is the best way to make direct comparisons and check that you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck!

Prices will be generally higher than diapers for obvious reasons – there’s more material involved for a start! But you can still find some great budget-friendly pull-ups that are healthy not just for your bank balance, but for your toddler’s skin too.

A Review Of The Best Pull Up Diapers

Popular diaper brands 

Your baby might have used Huggies Little Movers diapers before, so what’s the difference between these diapers and Little Movers Slip Ons? Providing a nice transition between diapers and pull-ups, these slip-on diapers are more absorbent than pull-ups. They’re great, therefore, for when your baby’s starting her potty-training journey.

Materials: There aren’t any plant-based materials used in Huggies Little Movers slip-ons, and Huggies doesn’t shout about being free of any toxins either, so I’m assuming they’re used. 

Features: Huggies Little Movers slip-ons offer exactly what you’d expect – stretchy sides to allow your little one the freedom to explore, ‘quick-absorbing’ layers, and easy off-tabs. This variety doesn’t feature a wetness indicator. 

Reviews: Little Movers slip-ons score an average of 4 out of 5 in nearly 4000 reviews on the Huggies site, with most users saying that they’re reliable and great for easy changing, even with the most active toddlers. 

Little Movers Slip-on Size Guide:

Size 422-37lbs
Size 5>27lbs
Size 6>35lbs

Price: A pack of 128 size 5 Huggies Little Movers slip-on diapers costs just under 50 bucks on Amazon and works out at 37 cents per diaper. That’s not a bad price at all!

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Good price
◆ Generally positive reviews
◆ Great for early potty training
◆ Smaller sizes are available
◆ Stretchy for a comfortable fit
◆ No eco-credentials
◆ They probably contain chemicals and toxins

Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants

Huggies Pull Ups

Huggies Pull-Ups are one of the best-known and best-selling varieties on the market. Huggies and Pampers are handy brands because they’re available pretty much everywhere.

Materials: Unsurprisingly, Huggies doesn’t provide us with a comprehensive ingredients list, so it doesn’t look like any plant-based materials are used in this variety. Toxins aren’t mentioned either, so I have to assume they’re used.

Features: Huggies say that their pull-ups are designed to protect both during the day and overnight. They’re flexible to allow little ones to explore while keeping them protected and they have a wetness indicator too.

Reviews: It looks like there’s a reason why they’re a best-seller; Huggies Pull-Ups average 4.8 out of 5 in over 7000 reviews on Amazon. Many parents and carers say that they’re super absorbent for a pull-up, easily put on and taken off and their little ones are comfortable in them. 



Price: A pack of size 4T/5T Huggies Pull-Ups on Amazon will set you back just over 30 dollars, or about 43 cents per diaper. This isn’t super budget-friendly, but it is in-line with the price of mainstream brands.

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Great reviews
◆ Variety of sizes
◆ Available everywhere!
◆ Super absorbent
◆ Easy to get on and off
◆ No plant-based materials are used
◆ They use toxins

Huggies Pull-Ups New Leaf Training Underwear


With a name like New Leaf, I’m expecting just that – a change in direction for the plastic-loving diaper brand Huggies. Let’s hope we find some eco-friendly pratices with this variety.

Materials: As expected, Huggies Pull-Ups New Leaf do contain plant-based materials in the form of wood fluff pulp and sugarcane – at least 28% in fact. That does mean that the majority of the diaper is made from plastic, which is a shame.

Huggies New Leaf Pull Ups steer clear of fragrances and chlorine, which is brilliant.

Features: They seem pretty similar to the regular variety in terms of features – breathable materials, a wetness indicator, and refastenable sides for easy changing.

Reviews: Huggies Pull-Ups New Leaf are already having an impact in the pull-ups world. They average 4.8 out of 5 in over 1000 reviews on the Huggies site. Parents say that they work just as well as the regular variety, but they’re much softer and comfier.

Huggies Pull-Ups New Leaf Size Guide:


Price: Huggies Pull-Ups New Leaf variety are slightly more expensive than the regular version. The same size, 4T-5T, will cost you about 53 cents per diaper on Amazon, compared with 43 cents per diaper for the regular pull-ups. But you are getting some plant-based materials and no chlorine or fragrances, so it’s worth the extra if you have the budget for it.

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Free of chlorine
◆ Free of fragrances
◆ Suitable for a wide range of weights
◆ They use some plant-based materials
◆ Great reviews
◆ I can’t find any information on phthalates

Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear

pampers easy ups

Pampers Easy Ups are another really popular choice when it comes to pull-ups.

Materials: I can’t see anything to suggest that Pampers Easy Ups are free from particular toxins or that they have any kind of eco-credentials.

Features: Easy Ups have lots of fancy-sounding features like dual leak-guard barriers to prevent leaks, easy tear sides for simple removal, and ‘extra absorb channels’ for protection overnight. Really, these are what pretty much all pull-ups provide, but their marketing is undoubtedly effective!

Pampers also claims that they’re as soft as cotton underwear. They have a 360-degree stretchy waistband for your toddler’s comfort; plus, they’re easy to pull up and down, hence the name!

Reviews: If the reviews are anything to go by, they’re a pretty good choice when it comes to effectiveness. 84% of reviewers gave them 5 stars on Amazon, with an average of 4.7 out of 5 in over 6,700 reviews. Whilst users love how easy they are for toddlers to use, there are some reviews that discuss rashes. This isn’t too surprising, as it doesn’t appear that they’re free of irritants like fragrances and lotions.

Sizes: Pampers Easy Ups are available in size 2T-3T (16-34lbs) and 3T-4T (30-40lbs).

Price: A box of 124 size 5 easy ups will set you back 33 cents per pull-up, which isn’t a bad price. Plus, buying your pull-ups from Amazon could save you money if you sign up for the Family Program. It’s free for Prime members and it gives you access to exclusive discounts, parenting tips, and up to 20% off the diaper and baby food subscriptions.

The GoodThe Bad
◆ They’re a reasonable price
◆ They have pretty great reviews
◆ They have a stretchy waistband
◆ Cotton soft
◆ Offers protection from leaks
◆ It doesn’t look like they’re free of toxins
◆ They don’t have any eco-credentials

Pampers Under Jams Bedtime Underwear

A box of Pampers Under Jams

Pampers Under Jams are certainly more of a training pant than a pull-up. Made for little ones who are perhaps a little further along in their potty training journey, Under Jams are great for toddlers who’ve nearly cracked the whole ‘going to the bathroom’ thing, but might still need some protection overnight.

Materials: There’s no mention of toxins like fragrances and no eco-credentials to speak of.

Features: Pampers states that their UnderJams absorb 20% more than the leading national brand, so that’s a great start. They guarantee overnight protection, so they should be all your toddler or child needs to get a great night’s (dry) sleep.

Reviews: I guess Pampers is a leading brand for a reason – they’re effective! Reviews of Pampers UnderJams average 4.6 out of 5 on average in over 2000 reviews on Amazon. The vast majority of users say they do indeed offer protection overnight for kids who need a little extra support. Some reviews, though, discuss a strong smell, which is actually the case with many other Pampers varieties. It’s pretty obvious that fragrances are used a lot across the different varieties, which isn’t great for diaper rash. 

Pampers Under Jams Size Guide:


Price: A 50 pack of size S/M UnderJams on Amazon will set you back 60 cents per pair. This is more expensive than some pull-ups, but it’s not surprising considering they’re bigger sizes.

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Available in larger sizes
◆ Great for bed-wetters
◆ Great reviews
◆ It looks like fragrances are used
◆ No eco-credentials

Pampers Ninjamas Nighttime Underwear

A box of Pampers Ninjamas

Similar to Pampers UnderJams is their new nighttime underwear product, Ninjamas. Aside from the name being pretty awesome, it doesn’t look like there are many differences between Ninjamas and UnderJams.

Features: The only difference I can see is what Pampers calls ‘OdorMask Technology’. The company really loves a fancy-sounding term for something that is presumably quite simple. To me, ‘OdorMask Technology’ sounds like they’re either super absorbent or they use fragrances or both. I can’t find details about it anywhere on their site.

And they’re supposedly made from ‘Quietcloth’ material, which, according to Pampers, ‘minimizes noise for a discreet experience’. Again, we’re given no details as to how this works or what this really means. 

Materials: While there’s no mention of Ninjams being free of fragrances or phthalates, we’re told that they are free of parabens and latex. There’s also no mention of any plant-based materials or eco-friendly practices.

Reviews: Reviews of Ninjamas are pretty good, with an average of 4.5 out of 5 in just under 2000 reviews. Parents say they made potty training easier because they’re comfortable and absorbent and they do offer overnight protection.

Pampers Ninjamas Size Guide:


Price: Ninjamas, although pretty similar to Pampers UnderJams, aren’t similar when it comes to cost. UnderJams will set you back about 60 cents per pair, and Ninjamas ask for almost double that on Amazon – $1.03 per pair for a pack of 14 S/M size. 

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Free of parabens and latex
◆ They come in larger sizes than some pull-ups
◆ Perfect for bedwetters
◆ No eco-credentials
◆ We’re not told how their ‘technology’ actually works!
◆ They’re expensive

Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear 

a box of goodnites bedwetting underwear

For little ones who’ve mastered going to the potty but need protection overnight, a super popular choice is Goodnites bedwetting underwear. In fact, it’s the number 1 selling nighttime underwear brand.

Materials: While the diaper world is starting to get the hang of the non-toxic, eco-friendly diaper thing, the world of pull-ups and training pants is clearly lagging behind. There’s no mention of whether chemicals like fragrances are used, and there’s no information regarding eco-friendly practices.

Features: These best-selling training pants promise up to 40% more protection than the leading training underwear, although I’m not sure how that works, considering Goodnites themselves are supposedly the leading brand. Anyhow, they also offer 5 layer protection and double leg barriers, so there’s plenty in the way of leak protection.
They have a stretchy waistband to ensure a comfortable fit, they absorb odors, and, like most other pull-ups and training pants, they come in fun designs. 

Reviews: Goodnites bedwetting underwear averages a pretty awesome 4.8 out of 5 in over 1600 reviews on Amazon. One user says ‘nothing works like Goodnites’ and many others say they’re the best in terms of absorbency.

Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear Size Guide:


Price: Depending on the size you need, this bedwetting underwear ranges from about 57 cents per pair to 82 cents per pair. That’s about average for pull-ups, it seems. 

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Super absorbent
◆ They prevent leaks
◆ Available in 3 different sizes
◆ Great reviews
◆ Not a bad price
◆ They don’t mention being free of any toxins
◆ No eco-credentials

Cuties Training Pants

a box of Cutie Training Pants

I’m a sucker for a cute brand name, so you can imagine my joy when I saw ‘Cuties’. These training pants are available online and are suitable for active, potty-training toddlers.

Materials: I love that Cutie Pants clearly states that their products are free of fragrance, dyes, and chlorine. This is great news for your little one’s skin, and chlorine-free diapers and pants are much better for the planet. There’s no mention of the dreaded phthalates though. While they’re made from ‘cottony soft materials’, we’re not actually told what these are. 

Features: These training pants feature a hypoallergenic inner liner enriched with natural botanicals, vitamin E and aloe, stretchy sides, and customized leak protection for boys.

Reviews: Reviews certainly aren’t quite as glowing for Cutie Pants as some other training pants and pull-ups. In just over 100 reviews on Amazon, Cutie Pants average 3.7 out of 5. Most reviews are positive, with parents and carers saying that they do offer leak protection and they’re just as effective as some bigger brands. Others, though, have found leaks are common with Cutie Pants and say they’re not as secure as other brands. 

Cuties Training Pants Size Guide:

2T-3TUp to 34lbs
3T-4T32 to 40 lbs
4T-5TUp to 38+lbs

Price: It looks like Amazon is the only place to find Cutie Pants. A pack of 92 size 3T-4T for boys will set you back about 38 dollars – that’s 41 cents per pair. This is cheap compared to most brands.

The GoodThe Bad
◆ They’re cheap
◆ They’re free of chlorine, fragrances, and dyes
◆ They have a hypoallergenic liner
◆ The reviews aren’t great
◆ They’re not widely available

Natural Blossom Pull-up Pants

a box of natural blossom training pants

Natural Blossom is a British company offering hypoallergenic pull-up pants.

Materials: I can’t find a full ingredients list, but Natural Blossom does tell us that their pull-ups are made predominantly from polyester. They also state in the marketing that there are absolutely no harmful chemicals in these pull-ups and that they’re hypoallergenic, so suitable for little ones with sensitive skin. In fact, they’re approved by DermaTest, CPSC Safety Standards, and Allergy UK.

Features: Like Pampers, Natural Blossom makes their pull-ups sound super fancy, with features like ‘rouched leg holes’ for comfort, ‘premium SAP’, which absorbs up to 17oz, and ‘silky-smooth’ materials, sourced from a world-renowned sheet manufacturer. 

While these features aren’t unique to the brand, what does set them apart is the packaging – it can be turned into a tote bag when the diapers are gone!

Reviews: The reviews on Amazon suggest these pants are effective. They average 4.5 out of 5 in over 300 reviews, and many users love their softness and absorbency. Some say there’s a bit of an issue with the sizing though; it looks like they come up big.

Natural Blossom Pull-up Pants Sizing Guide:

4 (L)20-31lbs
5 (XL)26-37lbs
6 (XXL)33lbs+

Price: Prices per Natural Blossom pull up average around 54 cents per diaper on Amazon, which is on par with similar products. 

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Available for smaller babies
◆ Hypoallergenic
◆ No harsh chemicals
◆ Ultra-slim design
◆ Great reviews
◆ The packaging turns into a tote!
◆ Not made from any plant-based materials
◆ Not widely available

Eco-Friendly Training Pants 

We’re becoming increasingly conscious of the damage we’re doing to the world around us and the little things we can do to make a positive difference. Diapers, including pull-ups and training pants, are one of the worst culprits when it comes to unsustainable products.

Most are still made predominantly with petroleum-based plastics, which take a few hundred years to decompose. Multiply that by the 20 billion diapers thrown into landfill each year and you’ve got a heck of a lot of toxic plastic clogging up our planet. But there are alternatives…

Thankfully for us, and for our environment, some diaper companies have taken it upon themselves to find a better way. The following pull-ups use at least some plant-based materials in their products and steer clear of some of the main toxins you’ll find in both diapers and pull-ups. 

Bambo Nature Training Pants – Best for Sensitive Skin

 a box of Bambo Nature training pants

I’m already a huge fan of Bambo Nature thanks to their eco and skin-friendly diapers. Thankfully for potty training toddlers, they also produce pull-ups.

Materials: While it doesn’t look like Bambo Nature’s training pants are made from bamboo-like their diapers, they still have plenty to shout about. They’re completely free of all known allergens, harmful chemicals, and fragrances, which is great news for your baby’s skin, especially those with sensitive skin.

They’re also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as eco-friendly and by Asthma-Allergy Denmark, as well as carrying the Nordic Swan Eco Label. 

Features: Bambo Nature training pants have a fully breathable back sheet to help prevent diaper rash and your baby is kept comfortable with ‘feather-soft’ materials. They have a thin design but retain their absorbency, and say they have ‘strategically-placed’ barriers to prevent blowouts.

Reviews: Looking at Amazon’s reviews of Bambo Nature training pants, they’re clearly a hit, with an average of 4.5 out of 5 in 80 reviews. Many users say they’re perfect for sensitive skin and super soft, although others say they run a little small.

Bambo Nature Training Pants Size Guide:


Price: I always expect products that are kinder to our babies’ skin and to the planet to be a little more expensive, so I’m pleasantly surprised by the reasonable cost of Bambo Nature training pants. A pack of 200 size 5s will set you back just 65 cents per diaper, which is really reasonable. 

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Not a bad price
◆ Super soft
◆ Thin design
◆ Skin-safe
◆ Eco-friendly
◆ Breathable back sheet
◆ Good reviews
◆ Vegan-friendly
◆ I can’t see a full ingredients list

Eco by Naty Training Pants Plant-based Pants

A box of Eco by Naty training pants

Eco by Naty is one of the most popular eco-friendly diaper brands on the market, so it’s great that they offer training pants for older babies too. In fact, you’re likely to find this brand in your local grocery store, as well as online.

Materials: I love that Eco by Naty tells us outright that their pull-ups are plant-based. Made from soft and breathable wood fluff pulp, these pull-ups have some serious eco-credentials – they’re eco-certified by TUV Austria, which is one of the toughest testing authorities when it comes to eco products. And they’re not done yet.

They’re certified as chemical-free and steer clear of dioxins, fragrances, latex, dyes, phthalates, and parabens. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, they’re more than suitable for little ones with sensitive skin. I think I love them a little bit. 

Like Bambo Nature, that are also vegan-friendly, Eco by Naty pull-ups are certified vegan, which means no animal testing was used to create their products, and no animal byproducts were used. You’d be surprised how many diapers aren’t cruelty-free.

Features: These world-loving pull-ups have an underwear-like fit, easy-to-adjust side panels, and a thin design for flexibility.

Reviews: Naty pull-ups average 4.1 out of 5 in over 1100 reviews on Amazon with the majority of users rating them 5 stars. Users love that they’re as good for the planet as they are for their baby’s skin and say they successfully prevent leaks. 

Eco by Naty Training Pants Size Guide:


Price: I’m not too shocked that these awesome pull-ups come with a higher price tag. Size 6 training pants will cost you $1.21 each, which is, of course, quite a lot more than some other brands. It’s unfortunate that products that are fab for the planet and fab for our babies cost more, but if your budget can stretch to it, they’re more than worth it!

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Eco-friendly
◆ Hypoallergenic
◆ Chemical-free
◆ Vegan
◆ Expensive compared to similar brands

Eco Pea Bamboo Diaper Pants

Box of Eco Pea training pants

Eco Pea quickly became one of my favorite brands when I reviewed their diapers. Not only is the name super cute, but they produce some pretty awesome eco-conscious and skin-healthy diapers too, and I’m expecting the same with their training pants.

Materials: Like their regular diapers, Eco Pea’s training diapers are made with sustainable bamboo. Bamboo’s a fantastic material for diapers – it grows at a rapid rate, it’s super strong and it’s super soft. Using plant-based materials is way better for the planet as these resources are renewable, and these diapers are also biodegradable, which means they break down much quicker than their plastic counterparts. 

Bamboo diapers tend to be free of toxins, and Eco Pea’s offerings are no different. They’re completely free of harsh chemicals, which means they’re hypoallergenic, free of chlorine and they’re also cruelty-free. And if the planet wasn’t already feeling grateful to Eco Pea for being part of the eco-diaper revolution, their shipping process is also carbon neutral.

Features: Eco Pea’s training pants feature a wetness indicator, blowout guard and a size label. 

Reviews: Looking at their site, which is the best place to buy Eco Pea diapers, reviews are absolutely glowing! 96% of users gave the diapers 4 or 5 stars and comments say that they’re super soft, great at preventing diaper rash and they fit well. 

Eco Pea Training Pants Sizes:


Price: A one-time purchase of a 20-pack of Eco Pea training diapers will set you back $14.99, which is about 75 cents per diaper. But if you subscribe to their diaper delivery service, which means diapers delivered to your door however often you need them, you’ll save 20%. Subscribing, therefore, reduces the price from 75 cents per diaper to 60 cents per diaper. It’s absolutely worth considering the subscribe and save option! 
These prices are ever so slightly higher than some brands, but considering you’re getting biodegradable, non-toxic, plant-based diapers for that price, it’s not bad at all.

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Biodegradable
◆ Made from super soft bamboo
◆ No harsh chemicals
◆ Vegan
◆ Cruelty-free
◆ Wetness indicator
◆ Blowout guard
◆ There’s a subscribe and save option
◆ Nada

Dyper Bamboo Briefs

a box of Dyper Briefs

Dyper is another one of my favorites when it comes to responsible, eco-conscious diaper companies. Luckily for us, they also offer pull-ups. 

Materials: Dyper pull-ups are made with bamboo, just like their regular diapers. These awesome biodegradable offerings are free of harsh chemicals and chlorine, so they’re super planet-friendly and little-one-friendly too.

Features: Dyper’s briefs feature a wetness indicator and a 360-degree elastic waistband so they’re super comfy for your little one.

Reviews: There aren’t many reviews available of Dyper’s briefs, but the few that I can find are very positive about these eco-friendly bum huggers. Parents say they’re super soft and comfy for their toddlers, and they feel great about switching to sustainable diapers.

Dyper Briefs Sizes:

X Large28-38lbs
XX Large38lbs+

Price: Dyper is another company that offers a subscribe and save option. It’s super easy to use; simply choose the style of diaper you need, the size, the quantity, and the delivery frequency. If you choose recurring delivery, rather than a one-time delivery, you’ll save 15% on the price.

If you do subscribe, you’ll be paying 68 cents per pull-up, which, again, isn’t a bad price at all for what you’re getting.

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Biodegradable
◆ Free of harsh chemicals
◆ Chlorine-free
◆ There’s a subscribe and save option
◆ Delivery to your door!
◆ Is there anything?

Honest Company Toddler Training Pants

a box of Honest Company Training Pants

Jessica Alba’s diaper company, Honest, is jumping on board the non-toxic diaper train with their chemical-free, plant-based diapers. They make training pants too, which come in the super cute designs that the company is famous for.

Materials: Like their diapers, Honest training pants are made with chlorine-free fluff pulp, and are completely free of fragrances, lotions, and phthalates. I like their whole ‘we only offer safe products’ vibe – it’s what we need as parents and carers!

Features: Honest training pants offer an ‘underwear-like fit’, crazy cute designs, and protection for both day and night.

Reviews: Reviews are generally really positive, with an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The vast majority of users rated them 4 or 5 stars and said they love the cute designs. Some parents say they run a little big, though.

Honest Training Pants Sizes:

2T/3TUp to 34lbs

Price: A pack of 76 size 4T-5T diapers costs about 44 bucks on Amazon, which is around 58 cents per pair. This is actually pretty cheap considering they’re eco-friendly and kind to your baby’s skin. 

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Great price
◆ Eco-friendly
◆ Chlorine-free
◆ Free of harsh chemicals
◆ Good reviews
◆ Awesome designs
◆ They might run a little big

Seventh Generation Toddler Training Pants 

a box of seventh generation training pants

Like Eco by Naty, Seventh Generation is one of the better-known diaper brands which attempts to make eco-friendly changes. They offer regular diapers and training pants for toddlers.

Materials: Seventh Generation diapers are made predominantly with chlorine-free wood fluff pulp. They do contain some plastics, but even the best of the best in terms of earth-friendly diapers contain some plastics. Every diaper contains the superabsorbent polymer (SAP), which is the bit that soaks up all the wetness. There isn’t an eco-friendly version of this right now, but scientists are working on a biodegradable version.

Seventh Generation’s training pants are free of chlorine, lotions, and fragrances. The packaging says they’re free of ‘chemicals’, so I’d hope that this would include phthalates, but they don’t state this for definite.

Features: Seventh Generation training pants offer a fit like ‘big kid underpants’ and tear-away sides for an easy change. It doesn’t look like they have anything super fancy like a wetness indicator or size indicator.

Reviews: Reviews are glowing for Seventh Generation’s training pants. They average 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and users say they’re great at preventing diaper rash and they hold up overnight.

Seventh Generation’s Training Pants Sizes:

M (2T/3T)Up to 35lbs
L (3T/4T)32-40lbs
XL (4T/5T)38lbs+

Price: A pack of large Seventh Generation training pants will set you back about 48 bucks, or 55 cents per pair. Again, for an eco-friendly(er) brand, this price isn’t too bad at all.

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Good price
◆ Chlorine-free
◆ Plant-based
◆ Fragrance and lotion-free
◆ They’re unclear about their use of phthalates

Hello Bello Training Pants

a box of Hello Bello training pants

Hello Bello is another one of my favourite eco-conscious brands. Founded by Kristen Bell (or Anna, as she’s more commonly known by Frozen fans), Hello Bello is on a mission to provide healthy products for our babies. They produce a range of kid’s products, from diapers and training pants to vitamins and wipes.

Materials: Kristen Bell knows a thing or two about steering clear of toxins. Her training pants are made without lotions, fragrances, phthalates, and chlorine and, like many similar brands, made with chlorine-free wood pulp.

Features: Hello Bello training pants feature ‘premium leak guards’, a super soft feel, a flexible fit for on-the-go toddlers, and some seriously cute designs.

Reviews: Unsurprisingly, reviews for Hello Bello’s training pants are pretty great. Users say they’re great at preventing leaks, their little ones love the prints and they’re easy for toddlers to use.

Hello Bello Training Pants Sizes:

Small (12-24 months)16-28lbs
Medium (2T-3T)18-34lbs
Large (3T-4T)32-40lbs
X-Large (4T-5T)38lbs+

Price: A pack of 84 size 2T-3T training pants costs $25.97, which is about 31 cents per pair. This price is brilliant for what you get, and you can save even more if you subscribe. Plus, you get a freebie gift when you subscribe to regular deliveries, and 15% off their range of products. 

The GoodThe Bad
◆ They offer a subscription service
◆ Free of chlorine
◆ Free of harsh chemicals
◆ Plant-based
◆ Great price
◆ Great reviews
◆ Nothing, Kristen’s sold them to me!

Store brand pull-ups

Store brand diapers are well known for being budget-friendly. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best store brand training pants. 

Mama Bear Training Pants

a box of Mama Bear Training Pants

Mama Bear diapers are one of my favorite budget-friendly brands. Their Gentle Touch variety is free of chlorine, fragrances, lotions, dyes, and phthalates. They’re not plant-based, but they are produced in a zero-waste-to-landfill facility, so I’m hoping their training pants are equally as impressive. 

Materials: It doesn’t look like Amazon’s Mama Bear training pants are made with plant-based materials, but the great news is that they’re hypoallergenic and free from chlorine, fragrances, lotions, and phthalates. 

Features: Amazon tells us that their training pants have refastenable sides, a breathable outer cover, quilted core, and a wetness indicator, which fades ‘to promote learning’. These training pants should offer up to 12 hours of dryness protection, so they’re suitable for overnights.

Reviews: I won’t beat around the diaper bag. The reviews for Mama Bear’s training pants aren’t great. In fact, they average 3.6 out of 5 in over 2000 reviews, with quite a few 1 and 2 star ratings. Some users say that their velcro sides aren’t very secure and they’re quite thin.

Mama Bear Training Pants Size Guide:

2T-3TUp to 34lbs

Price: As you’d expect, Amazon’s Mama Bear training pants are certainly budget-friendly. They’ll set you back 31 cents per pair if you need size 2T-3T, rising to 41 cents per pair for size 4T-5T. You can also take advantage of the Amazon Family Program to get them even cheaper. It’s free for Prime members and gives you up to 20% off the diaper and baby food subscriptions.

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Budget-friendly
◆ Free of chlorine
◆ Free of fragrances, lotions, and phthalates
◆ Wetness indicator
◆ Up to 12 hours of protection
◆ The reviews aren’t great!

Parent’s Choice Training Pants by Walmart

a box of Parent's Choice Training Pants

Of course, Walmart offers their own brand training pants! The reviews for their diapers are generally positive, but they don’t have much to offer in terms of eco-credentials. I’m expecting their training pants to be the same.

Materials: Walmart doesn’t make an ingredients list available as far as I can see, and there’s no mention of Parent’s Choice training pants staying away from fragrances or phthalates.

Features: Walmart’s training pants are breathable to keep your little one’s skin dry, they open easily at the sides and they absorb up to 10 times their weight.

Reviews: When it comes to keeping messes at bay, it looks like Parent’s Choice training pants are the real deal. They average 4.7 out of 5 in over 1100 ratings and 98% of users would recommend them. Parents say they’re great quality for the price and that they’re super absorbent. Some say that sizes run a little small though.

Parent’s Choice Training Pants Size Guide:

2T-3TUp to 34lbs

Price: Another budget-friendly store brand training pant, Walmart doesn’t let us down on the cheap product’s front. A 70 pack of size 4T-5T works out at just 30 cents per pair, which makes it one of the cheapest brands on the market.

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Super cheap
◆ Great reviews
◆ Absorb up to 10 times their weight
◆ They open easily at the sides
◆ Breathable
◆ No plant-based materials
◆ It looks like they contain chemicals

Up & Up Training Pants

a box of Up & Up Training Pants

Up & Up is Target’s own brand. They offer both regular diapers and training pants. 

Materials: All that Target offers in the way of information about the materials they use is ‘polypropylene’. It’s not a shock that their Up & Up training pants aren’t made with plant-based materials, but it’s a shame that fragrances, lotions, and phthalates aren’t mentioned, so I assume they’re used. 

Features: Target’s training pants are ultra-absorbent and have a breathable cover. Like Mama Bear’s training pants, they have a fade-when-wet wetness indicator. 

Reviews: The reviews for Up & Up training pants aren’t quite as glowing as they are for Parent’s Choice, but they’re still generally positive. They average 4.3 stars out of 5 in over 80 ratings and 83% of users would recommend them. Lots of parents say they’re good at preventing leaks and they love the price, but some say they run small.

Up & Up Training Pants Size Guide:

2T-3TUp to 34lbs
3T-4TUp to 40lbs
4T-5TUp to 50lbs

Price: A 70 pack of Target’s own brand training diapers will set you back about 25 bucks, or 36 cents per pair. Target’s offerings are clearly another budget-friendly choice.

The GoodThe Bad
◆ Budget-friendly
◆ Breathable
◆ Available in-store and online
◆ Wetness indicator
◆ Reviews are generally positive
◆ No eco-credentials
◆ It looks like they contain toxins

FAQ about pull-ups and training pants

1. Are pull-ups as good as diapers?

Pull-ups are designed for toddlers and children who are in the process of potty training, which means they’re not necessarily as absorbent as diapers. That’s not to say that they won’t absorb messes and accidents, but if your little one isn’t ready for potty training pants just yet, it’s best to stick with regular diapers until they are.

2. Can you potty train with diapers?

How to potty train your child is a very personal decision. By the time you’ve got a toddler, you’ll know that all little ones are different, and what works for one might not work for another. And it’s certainly not the case that you can’t potty train them successfully using diapers, but most parents prefer transitioning to pull-ups and training pants.

This is because the change to a different kind’ of diaper – one that toddlers can easily pull up and down themselves – signals a change in the ‘going to the bathroom’ routine. As they learn to go potty themselves, they can take charge with pull-ups, and many kids love that ‘big girl’ or ‘big boy’ feeling it offers them. 

Lots of pull-ups are still super absorbent, so you won’t have to worry about leaks (in theory!), and they’re generally much easier to change than diapers.

3. When should you change from diapers to Pull Ups?

Every baby develops at their own pace, but as a general rule, your little one might be ready to transition from diapers to pull-ups as early as 18 months. You don’t have to wait until they’re ready for potty training to use pull-ups of course; some parents find that their little ones are more comfortable in pull-ups as they start to explore. 

But it’s usually a good idea to change to pull-ups when you’re looking to start potty training if not before because the change signals a new and exciting stage for your little one. Lots of children love the independence pull-ups offer compared with diapers; they’re easy enough for them to pull up and down on their own.

4. Do pull-ups hold poop?

While many pull-ups are still absorbent enough for peeing in, some don’t hold up too well when it comes to heavy wetters or, indeed, poop. Of course, your little one will have accidents, so don’t worry if this does happen. Carry on encouraging your little ones to let you know when they need to poop, so you can guide them successfully to the bathroom!

5. How do you get a toddler to tell you they have to go potty?

The first step in your potty training journey is to get your little one used to the bathroom. It’s important for them to see that there’s a ‘special room’ for going potty, and you can explain the ‘big boy/girl’ process of going to the bathroom. 

When your child is ready to potty train, developing a line of communication between you is key. It doesn’t really matter how your little one lets you know they need a pee or poop; it’s a case of finding something that works for you. The obvious choice is to ask your little one to tell you verbally when they need to go potty, but you might also develop hand signals or signs to indicate this if your child finds it easier. 

Of course, we get to know our toddlers’ facial expressions quite well, and can often pick out a ‘Oh no, he’s pooping’ face. Parenting is the best. 

6. Which is better: Pampers Easy Ups or Huggies Pull-Ups?

Both Pampers and Huggies are well-established brands that you can count on for quality. Both Pampers Easy Ups and Huggies Pull-Ups have similar features and both have great reviews. Pampers Easy Ups tend to be a little cheaper than the Huggies equivalent, so if you’re on a budget, these might be the better option. 

While both brands are known for their quality, they’re certainly not known for any attempts to look after the environment. Luckily, there are loads of quality pull-ups and training pants out there that use plant-based materials and avoid toxins and chemicals. But which is the best?

The bottom line

When it comes to the best pull-up diapers for potty training, there are lots to consider. Ideally, we want a good quality pull-up made either with plant-based materials or made without toxins and harsh chemicals. Or both, if we’re going super eco and skin-friendly. 

What we don’t want is to pay a premium for the privilege of choosing products that won’t just help potty train our little ones, but be kind to their skin and to the planet too. While some healthier pull-ups cost significantly more than their budget-friendly counterparts, there are some companies who are acing the whole affordable quality thing.

My favorite pull-up has to be Hello Bello’s. Made with plant-based materials and without toxins, these training pants are soft and gentle on your toddler and they don’t cost the earth – in more ways than one. In fact, their price is comparable to super budget-friendly store brand pull-ups. 

Whichever pull-up or training pants you decide to use, get ready for the fun, hilarity, and, let’s be honest, mess of potty training. Along with a great quality pull-up, a great sense of humor during this exciting time will most definitely be your friend.

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