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Happy Little Camper Diapers Review 2022: The Celebrity-Endorsed Diapers Making An Impact!

Happy Little Campers diapers brand is owned by Veeda – a company that produces natural, sustainable and cost-effective products, ‘trusted all over the world’!

The company says natural products are better for your baby, better for you and better for the planet. 


But with so many brands claiming to be ‘natural’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘plant-based’ – when they’re anything but – are Happy Little Campers as natural as they claim to be? Hilary Duff’s a fan, so there must be a reason…

Let’s take a closer look at celebrity-endorsed Happy Little Camper diapers in my complete review – what they’re made of, what they avoid and if they’re worth giving a go.

Disclaimer: Happy Little Camper Diapers has not sponsored or endorsed this article in any way. As a mom who’s passionate about buying the best for babies, I try really hard to include accurate information in all of my posts. If there are any inaccuracies present, please let me know; I’m more than happy to amend any errors. For more information about Happy Little Campers Diapers, head over to their main site: happylittlecampers.com This review has affiliate links. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through my affiliate link. Please read my disclosure for more info.

What Happy Little Camper diapers are made of?

It’s so important to know what’s inside the diapers we choose for our little ones. It’s easy to assume that all diapers contain healthy, safe materials, but this isn’t always the case. 

Happy Little Campers lets us know that their diapers are crafted with plant-based ingredients, including sustainably sourced pulp and GMO-free natural cotton – all FSC certified. 

Topsheet and Backsheet – GMO-free cotton blend
The absorbent core – FSC certified pulp and SAP

They feature an ultra-absorbent core which is made from SAP and pulp – these are dermatologically-tested and hypoallergenic. 

Their top and back sheets are made with a GMO-free cotton blend, and the diapers themselves are around 34% biodegradable. 

Are Happy Little Camper diapers chemical-free?

It’s even more important to know what’s not in baby diapers. The unfortunate truth is that many diaper brands pack their products with nasty chemicals, like phthalates, fragrances and lotions. 

For obvious reasons, brands don’t always make it clear when these are used. Brands that avoid them usually let us know – it’s a big selling point, after all! But why does it matter?

Fragrances and lotions are terms that can be used to hide a bunch of toxic chemicals, so it’s best to avoid them wherever possible. And phthalates have been linked to the increase of asthma and eczema rates in young children. Even more worryingly, they’ve been linked with abnormal genital development in young boys. 

For more information about these completely unnecessary chemicals, check out my complete guide to what’s inside baby diapers!

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So now we know what to avoid, can we be sure that Happy Little Campers are safe?

In a word, yes.

The brand clearly displays on its site that Happy Little Camper diapers are free of:

  • Fragrances
  • Harmful dyes
  • Phthalates
  • Chlorine
  • Latex
  • Parabens
  • Alcohol
  • Dioxins
  • Lotions
  • Silicone

They make it look easy!

Who owns Happy Little Camper?/ Who makes Happy Little Camper diapers?

The Happy Little Camper brand is owned by Naturalena. They describe their brands as ‘natural, sustainable and cost-effective’, which include Veeda and Happy Little Camper. 

Naturalena has offices all over the world, including the USA, Australia, China and the UK. 

It looks like Happy Little Campers are only sold in the US, Australia and Canada, though.

Where are Happy Little Camper diapers made?

Happy Little Camper diapers are made in Europe.

Where to buy Happy Little Camper diapers

You can buy Happy Little Camper diapers from Amazon as well as Walmart, in store and online!

Happy Little Camper Diapers FAQ:

Do Little Camper diapers have a wetness indicator?

Happy Little Camper diapers do not feature a wetness indicator. They actually explain on their blog that they avoid them completely because these strips are often made with harmful chemical dyes. Happy Little Camper diapers avoid dyes completely, so they don’t feature wetness indicators on any of their diaper sizes.

Are Happy Little Camper diapers biodegradable?

More and more of us are turning to truly eco-friendly diapers. Biodegradable diapers are the gold-medal winners of the eco baby world. 

They use a high percentage of plant-based materials, are usually completely free of harmful toxins and can generally be disposed of either using a professional composting service or using a compost bin at home. 

So are Happy Little Camper diapers biodegradable?

Well, it’s tricky. I reached out to the brand to confirm if the diapers are biodegradable. According to the company, each diaper is made with up to 34% biodegradable materials depending on the size. This is much better than nothing, especially considering the majority of the ‘top’ brands are made with little or no plant-based materials, and mainly plastic.  

On the other hand, this number isn’t anywhere near as good as brands like Andy Pandy – they produce diapers that are made with 87% biodegradable materials or Ecoriginals that are 90% biodegradable!

With such a small percentage of biodegradable materials, it’s better to dispose of them, unfortunately, in the trash. 

If you want to try the best of the best biodegradable diapers, check out my top picks!

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Happy Little Camper diapers vs Honest diapers: Which diapers are better?

Both diaper brands are affiliated with a celeb name, and share many similarities. 

Honest diapers certainly have a cult following, and it’s great that they’re free of harmful toxins like fragrances and lotions. But they’re not the cheapest diapers on the market, and they don’t use a significant percentage of plant-based materials. Plus, they’re not biodegradable. 

Happy Little Camper diapers, like Honest diapers, are completely free of nasties like phthalates and fragrances, and use a percentage of plant-based materials. 

Looking at the price, a one-time purchase of 31 size 3 diapers on the Happy Little Camper site will set you back $16.50. That’s about 53 cents per diaper – certainly not cheap!

Honest aren’t the cheapest diapers either, with a pack of size 3 diapers on Amazon setting you back a little less – 41 cents per diaper.

Considering neither diaper is biodegradable, the prices are pretty high.

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Honest Vs Happy Little Camper Diapers Comparison Table

HonestHappy Little Camper
Free of phthalates?YesYes
Free of fragrances?YesYes
Use of plant-based materials?Yes – someYes – some
Price per diaper (size 3)$0.41*$0.53*

*Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

What are Happy Little Camper wipes ingredients?

Happy Little Camper wipes, unsurprisingly, are completely free of fragrances, alcohol and chemicals. They use natural, ultra-soft, GMO-free cotton, which is enhanced with aloe vera and vitamin E, to protect your little one’s sensitive skin. 

Their wipes are completely biodegradable and compostable too!

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Does Happy Little Camper have a subscription service?

Many parents and carers prefer diaper subscription services – they’re convenient, you can save money, and you’ll never forget diapers in your weekly grocery shop again!

Like many similar brands, Happy Little Camper offers a subscription service. And it’s super simple to use. 

Simply select your mix of diapers and wipes, schedule your monthly delivery and Happy Little Camper will ship your diapers within 3-4 business days. 

You can then easily modify your subscription whenever you need to!

In terms of price, 7 packs of 217 size 3 diapers and 4 packs of 288 cotton wipes will set you back $89.95, with free shipping. 

The price of your subscription depends on what diapers and wipes you choose, of course!

Conclusion: Are Happy Little Camper diapers natural?

Happy Little Campers promises big things. 

Owned by Veeda, the company states that it produces only ‘natural, sustainable and cost-effective’ products that are better for you, your baby and the planet. 

Happy Little Camper diapers are certainly miles ahead of the average petroleum-based plastic diaper, like the majority of Huggies and Pampers varieties. The fact that they avoid potentially harmful chemicals and use 34% biodegradable materials is certainly a step in the right direction!

While they’re not as impressive as biodegradable diapers like Eco Pea and Ecoriginals, which use a much higher percentage of biodegradable materials in their diapers, I can’t complain too much.

Companies like Happy Little Camper are making progress towards a greener, more sustainable diaper market – crucial for our little ones’ futures. 

And if that’s not enough, the fact that they’re endorsed by Lizzie McGuire should be…

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